Category Spotlight: Activity Arches

Baby Brands Direct is a UK based wholesaler of top baby and nursery brands and products, with an extensive selection of toys, nursery equipment and baby essentials. In our extensive range of products, we offer a variety of activity arches, spirals and bars – designed to keep baby entertained while travelling or at home. 

These products can easily be attached to pushchairs, car seats and cots – meaning that they can go wherever the family goes! As these products include a range of different features and activities, they are effective at keeping baby entertained. This is great while parents are in busy supermarkets or on long car rides, as this means that their little one won’t fuss or have a tantrum because they’re bored. 

With a great array of features, cute designs and versatility, these products are popular with both parents and babies. Each arch, spiral or bar in the category has unique features – often including some kind of dangling toy to encourage baby to reach up and bat at the object. This means that kids are constantly using their arms and hands, helping to develop hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills and fine motor skills

As they feature rattles and squeakers, children’s auditory and sensory development is also boosted as they play, helping to develop and improve their cognitive skills. Kids will also love to feel the soft plush fabric of their new dangling friends, as this tactile stimulation gives them something else to explore.

Top baby brands Infantino, Diono and Taf Toys have a wonderful selection of activity arches and spirals – each with bright colours, adorable animals and a variety of sounds. Retailers will find they have a lot of choice at Baby Brands Direct, with these items being great options for add ons – particularly for large ticket items like pushchairs and car seats. Check out the full range of activity spirals online now!