Category Spotlight: Baby Bath Supports

Bath time is a wonderful chance to bond with baby, as it provides a tactile experience for little one and parent – and also stimulates baby’s senses with the warm water, smells of the soap and their parent’s voice. However, baths can also be dangerous for children that cannot support themselves. Children can easily drown if left unsupervised and unsupported in bath tubs – and given how slippery they become when wet, it isn’t usually possible for parents to provide much needed support with just their hands. 

Thankfully, there are a wide range of bath supports and inserts available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct, from top brands such as Safety 1st, Summer Infant and Angelcare. These products ensure that babies are kept snug and secure, giving parents the chance to use their hands for washing their child’s hair and playing with bath toys. 

Angelcare’s range of Soft Touch bath supports is designed for comfort and security. The soft TPE material of each of these items not only comfortably cradles baby, but it also reaches the bath water’s temperature very quickly, making baby feel warm and safe. The products also include a water level indicator for optimal safety in the bath.

Summer Infant also have a great range of bath inserts and supports. Their Deluxe Baby Bather cradles newborns, making bath time easier and safer. The bather has a three position recline, helping baby to feel comfortable throughout their stages of growth and development. It can easily be folded when not in use, making it great for storage or travel. The removable fabric seat is mildew resistant and machine washable, so it’s always hygienic and safe for baby. 

The Swivel Bath Seat from Safety First features a unique 360° swivel action, which lets parents gently turn the baby to wash those difficult-to-reach areas, while the rotating ball in a child-friendly colour keeps the baby entertained. This insert is available in four different colours, so parents can have a choice of which they prefer. 

Check out the bath supports and inserts category page for the full range of products, available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.