Category Spotlight: Baby Bibs

All parents know that baby bibs are an essential part of a young child’s wardrobe. These simple little products ensure that clothes and floors are kept free from stains and spills while baby is still in the messy stages of eating and self-feeding. 

These products are great as add on items for other products, particularly things like highchairs, food processors or weaning equipment. As a leading baby and nursery product wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct have an extensive range of bibs, which covers a wide range of brands, product types and price points. From simple fabric bibs, to those that catch food, we have a great variety suitable for any baby store. 

Perfect for young babies still drinking from bottles or mum’s breast, the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bib is available in a two pack. This super-absorbent bib features a unique dribble catcher that absorbs moisture, helping to prevent rashes on baby’s sensitive skin. Deceptively simple, these bibs are available in three colours to match parents’ tastes. 

Nuby’s Bandana Bib with Teether not only looks cool with funky colourful designs and unique style, the bib also features an inbuilt teether which provides excellent comfort for teething babies. Made from 100% soft absorbent cotton, these bibs keep baby dry and have a secure Velcro fastening to hold them in place.

Made with 100% silicone, Vital Baby’s Nourish Mess Catcher bib has a built-in crumb catcher to contain all falling food, keeping baby’s outfit and the floor clean and free from spills. The bib features an adjustable neck fastener to ensure that baby is comfortable and the product is secure as little one grows up. It also features a rollable design for easy storage and for parents to roll up any dirty utensils while they’re out and about, keeping baby bags clean. The Mess Catcher is fully wipe clean and dishwasher safe for ultimate convenience.

This October, Baby Brands Direct also added the Bibado range of bibs to our selection. The Bibado Coverall bib is a unique product that acts as a coverall and can be attached to the table to catch all falling food. This ensures that the floors and baby’s clothes are kept clean and free from messes! The bib is waterproof and can easily be wiped down after eating. This helps to save parents around 30 mins of cleaning each day!

With an extensive range of bibs available, wholesaler Baby Brands Direct is a great choice for independent retailers seeking to stock these essential items. Check out our category page to view everything available.