Category Spotlight: Dreambaby Safety Gates

Infant safety gates are essential tools for creating a secure and safe environment for young children. There is nothing more important to parents than keeping their little one safe, so safety gates are often high on their list of items to buy to babyproof their home. Safety gates help to protect against accidents, keep children out of dangerous areas such as the kitchen or stairwell and allow exploration within safe limits.

By installing a baby gate, parents can create a safe zone where their child can explore and play without encountering danger. Knowing their child is happily playing in a safe environment can provide reassurance for parents, who will be able to complete household chores or pop into another room without worry. Children, of course, should not be left unattended for a long time – but having a safe zone gives parents the freedom to cook, clean and work without their child getting in the way and potentially hurting themselves. 

Infant safety gates are also great for dog owners who want to restrict the access of their pet – such as stopping them from going upstairs into the bedroom at night. Therefore, they are useful for those who have pets rather than children, broadening the target market. 

Dreambaby is a leading name in the baby safety market. Their selection of high quality, sturdy baby safety gates are exclusively available to buy wholesale in the UK through Baby Brands Direct. We’re offering 15% off the Dreambaby Arizona Extenda 2-Panel Gate in White and the Dreambaby Ava Gate in Charcoal until 30th April 2024, so it’s a great time to add those items to your store inventory.

The Dreambaby Ava Gate is a pressure mounted gate that is designed to fit openings from 75-81cm, making it suitable for doorways, hallways and stairs. The Ava Gate is signed to stay open in either direction, making it versatile and useful for a variety of different homes. As it uses pressure to stay in place, the gate is simple to install with no screws or drilling required. The gate also boasts one-handed opening and locking, so parents can carry items or their little ones and use the gate with ease! 

The Dreambaby Arizona 2-Panel Extenda-Gate is a great option for larger spaces and doorways. As it is a larger safety gate, the Arizona is mounted with hardware, meaning that parents will need to secure it to the wall with screws in order to ensure that it is sturdy. This 2-Panel extendable gate fits openings from 68-112cm, and measures 68cm high.

The width of the Dreambaby Arizona is easily adjustable, providing added security and safety, particularly when in use at the top or bottom of the stairs. The gate also features a 2-way opening, as well as convenient one-handed opening and locking. The gate also features no base bar, meaning parents can simply walk through without stepping over anything. 

Also available is the portable Dreambaby Retractable Gate, which can be completely retracted out of the way when not in use and the Dreambaby Newport Adapta 3-Panel Gate which is hinged to accommodate irregular openings and angled doorways. Baby Brands Direct is pleased to be the exclusive UK distributor of Dreambaby products. Check out the full range online now!