Category Spotlight: Entertainers and Walkers

Baby Brands Direct have a number of entertainers and walkers from top baby brands such as Fisher-Price, Infantino and VTech, available to buy wholesale. Entertainers and walkers are an essential part of a babies toybox, as they allow baby to gain confidence in their movements and become independent enough to begin taking their first steps. Healthy development of muscles, bones and fine and gross motor skills during baby’s early years are crucial for their future wellbeing and ability to move freely. Introducing entertainers and walkers to their playtime in these early days is a great way to help encourage mobility and strengthen their bodies for walking. 

These products ensure that baby has a form of support while they explore their surroundings, keeping them sturdy and safe from bumps and falls. Entertainers are a great way to get baby to move, while providing them with security. Babies sit in these toys and can enjoy a range of different activities while they get used to being upright and moving their legs. Playing with different toys and activities while in the entertainer can help develop gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination – essential for later life. It’s also a great way of giving baby plenty of sounds, textures and colours to look at while they get used to their new position. The Fisher-Price Jumperoo Colour Climber features a rotating seat, which gives little ones 360-degree access to toys, activities and animal friends, including spinners, clackers, a bead bar, a mirror, and so much more. The Infantino Sit, Spin & Stand Entertainer is another product that spins 360-degrees, but also features three height positions that grow with baby. Once little one is walking, parents can transform the entertainer into a stand-and-play activity table with three rolling animal pals.

Walkers can help support babies as they begin to take their first steps. Walkers can encourage babies to pull themselves up from a seated position, helping build their strength and stamina. They provide much needed support for little ones as they begin to move around. They are also full of fun activities so that they can be used as a toy as well as a tool for movement. The Infantino Sensory 3-in-1 Discovery Car is a 3 in 1 sensory discovery activity toy, which has colourful buttons, blinking lights, exciting sounds and a variety of textures that will spark a little traveller’s curiosity. This car toy grows with baby as they get older and more confident. The VTech First Steps Baby Walker has a fun-filled activity panel, which includes 5 light up buttons, shape sorters, gears, animal buttons and role-play phone. The panel can be removed from the walker for fun sit-down play, making it a great 2-in-1 toy. The Fisher-Price Zebra Walker is full of sounds, lights and colours – teaching baby words and phrases while they move – making it a great choice for parents who want their little one to learn while they play.

All of the entertainers and walkers encourage physical activity, which in turn helps babies to develop healthy and strong bodies. This is a wonderful way make the right start towards a lifetime of fun, fitness and physical activity, which will keep children fit, healthy and active throughout their adult lives. Check out the full range of entertainers and walkers available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.