Category Spotlight: Gifts for Baby – Perfect for Christmas

Christmas and the holiday season is fast approaching! Everyone who has recently had a baby in the family – be they nephew, niece or grandchild – will be looking for the perfect gift to give their new bundle of joy. These can be items such as toys, or essential items like bottles – but baby gifts and keepsakes are also big sellers, as many families want something that allows them to treasure the memories of their little one’s first few years. Items such as photo albums and keepsake boxes are very popular, while gift sets that include toys and accessories are also great choices as they often feel like value for money!

It’s estimated that around 46 million adults in the UK (86%) plan to buy Christmas gifts in 2023, with the estimated spend being around £28 billion. Therefore, this is a huge market for retailers to tap into. Baby Brands Direct has a great selection of gifts for baby, available to buy wholesale at competitive prices. Baby boutiques, gift and card shops and nursery stores can take advantage of a fantastic inventory of gifts that are perfect for Christmas shopping. 

Our range of photo frames and photo albums are available in a variety of colours, styles and designs. Widdop Bingham, our main provider of beautiful photo frames and albums have over 130 years of experience within the industry and they are dedicated to providing high quality items that will last for generations. The Bambino and Disney ranges are perfect keepsakes for the families young children – with beautiful baby themed designs, as well as charming motifs of popular Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Dumbo. Each album comes with plenty of pages for storing pictures and other mementos, as well as lovely finishing details like ribbons and crystal embellishments. They come in lovely gift packaging for a luxurious feel. 

Widdop Bingham also manufacture beautiful keepsake storage boxes, which are perfect for storing larger or more unconventional items such as baby’s hair or teeth, hospital tags or even items like hats and socks. These products act like little treasure chests and can be filled with mementos that families can look back on in later years. Some items even have multiple drawers, perfect for organising the treasures and keeping them safe. With lovely pastel colours, or Disney designs, there’s a box for every taste. We also have silver keepsake boxes for those looking for something a little more luxurious. These are specifically designed for commemorating the first hair and the first tooth! 

Baby Brands Direct also stocks a variety of practical gifts – which includes charming passport covers and luggage tags for baby’s first holiday, as well as milestone cards and height charts. A big seller in this category are the baby booties, such as the Peter Rabbit First Booties Gift Set, which are beautifully designed rabbit themed soft boots – perfect for keeping little one’s feet warm! Also available in the range are gift sets from musical toy manufacturer, Halilit! These are fantastic Christmas gifts for young children that love to make noise and explore sound, as they each feature a great selection of musical toys and are displayed in a lovely box that kids will love to unwrap! 

Baby Brands Direct has everything a retailer needs to make their store extra special for the Christmas and holiday season. We are the one stop shop for baby and nursery products at competitive wholesale prices. Check out our range of Christmas gifts for baby now!