Category Spotlight: Linkable Loop Toys, Available to Buy Wholesale

Linkable loop toys are a key item for many retailers. They are fantastic sellers as, thanks to the attached loop, they can be connected to almost anything. These fun friends can be attached to strollers and taken along on outings without getting dropped or lost. They are also a great add on item for retailers to sell with 4074scr_1c15b4ea5f73ac2gyms, as gyms often have loops for parents to add additional toys onto – meaning that baby can have fun with their favourite toys while having tummy time or relaxing on their playmat. These toys are often adorable characters that baby will fall in love with, with fun features such as crinkly ears, different textures and contrasting colours. We have a range of these brilliant toys from brands such as Lamaze, Rainbow Designs, Bright Starts and Tiny Love, available to buy wholesale now.

The range of linkable loop toys from Lamaze feature sweet characters with friendly smiles and funky fabrics. The vibrant colours have been chosen to help little one develop their eyesight and colour recognition. Spider in Socks is a great example of the brand’s creativity and cute style. This soft, squishy spider has socks on each of its eight legs, a quirky, memorable design choice. When little one pulls down on the Spider’s knobbly teething ring and lets go, they will hear friendly chimes as he inches upwards, shaking as he goes. This cute spider, as well as most of the Lamaze range, is gender neutral – which means the fun character will appeal to all parents. The Squeezy Donkey is also a brilliant option, featuring ears that pop up when his tummy is squeezed, which helps children learn about cause and effect. He also features clip clopping plastic feet and crinkly feet, so that baby can experience fun and interesting sounds. His fur and mane are soft and lovely to touch.

From Rainbow Designs, one option is The Very Hungry Caterpillar Developmental Toy, which features teethers, tags and different textures. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a classic storybook, featuring a brightly coloured caterpillar that kids love and will recognise. This attachable developmental toy makes playtime fun, while developing baby’s motor, speech and cognitive skills – which are all incredibly important.

crinkly bunnyBright Starts have a few different choices when it comes to linkable loop toys – such as the very cute Take & Shake Animals. These toys come in owl, frog and puppy designs – each of which have colourful feet and multiple textures. They are designed for small hands, so they are easy to hold. Little ones can give them a pull and watch them shake their way back up the stretchy cord – providing them with endless fun.

From Tiny Love, we have the Crinkly Raccoon, Bunny and Squirrel. These peek-a-boo toys stimulate the baby’s tactile senses and fine motor skills. The double-sided crinkly body of these toys features a colourful pattern on the outside and black and white images on the inside. The baby will enjoy the crinkly sounds of the fabric, which will encourage them to crumple and touch it. Playing peek-a-boo helps baby understand that the cute character is still there, even if they are hidden.

All these great linkable loop toys and many more are available now from Baby Brands Direct!

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