Category Spotlight: Microwave Steriliser Bags

Keeping baby’s bottles, soothers and other essentials clean and hygienic is a definite priority for every parent, particularly during the outbreak of COVID-19 when everyone is very conscious about germs and bacteria. Sterilisers are one of the key pieces of equipment for every new parent, as their bottle-fed baby will get through several feeds a day. Other things like soothers and teethers also get dirty when dropped on the floor and will need to be sterilised. 

However, when travelling to see family and friends, or if items need sterilising quickly, traditional sterilising equipment isn’t always practical. Sterilisers are great and very useful – but sometimes a lightweight, quick solution is what is needed! 

Microwavable steriliser bags from Munchkin and Medela are perfect for travel and small kitchens. These little bags use steam to effectively clean baby’s bottles and teats and kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Medela’s Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags can be used up to 20 times, offering parents longevity of use that will certainly appeal. 

Munchkin’s Latch Microwave Steriliser Bags can be used up to 30 times each, making them great value for money! The design of the bag includes markable tick boxes so parents can easily keep track of each time they have used the bag. The bags also feature a Cool-Touch grip for easy handling and a tab opening to allow steam to escape. 

The vital baby NURTURE microwave sterilising bags are also a great choice. With 5 bags per pack, the sterilising bags give parents up to 150 uses in total. Each bag will sterilise up to 3 bottles, teats, collars and caps all in one go! The bags offer 100% chemical free sterilisation and kills 99.9% of common bacteria to keep baby healthy and happy.

A great alternative to traditional sterilisers, these little bags can be taken on holiday, visits to relatives or are just great for small kitchens with not a lot of surface space for bulky sterilisers. Baby Brands Direct is a leading wholesaler of baby and nursery products from top brands. Our extensive range of sterilisers and sterilising equipment provides excellent choice for retailers looking to offer essential baby kit to their own customers. Check out our full range online now.