Category Spotlight: Toddler Cups

Toddler cups are an essential part of getting toddlers to transition from bottles to regular cups, giving them a sense of independence and freedom at meal times. These cups also help support healthy development, giving kids the chance to use their tongues and mouths differently to how they used a bottle, developing skills they will need for later life. Learning the placement of the tongue at this stage is important for speech as they grow older. Using a toddler cup also helps them develop their hand-eye coordination, as well as their motor skills. Of course, with lifting the cup, there is the chance for spillages – so parents seek products such as sippy cups, or sealed cups that don’t allow the liquid to escape. 

Baby Brands Direct have a wide variety of toddler cups from top brands such as Munchkin, Tommee Tippee, MAM, Nuby and Philips Avent, with a variety of functions and colours to suit every taste or requirement. Some bottles provide a subtler transition from bottle to cup, such as the Tommee Tippee Transition Sippee Trainer Cup, suitable for 4 to 7 month old kids. It allows children to get used to holding the bottle themselves, with trainer handles included. The cup can be used with a teat, and when baby gets older it can be used with the included silicone spout. The MAM Starter Cup 150ml with Handles and Soother is also a great choice for making the transition from bottle easier. As well as detachable handles, this cup also comes with a soother for baby – making it a great option for parents seeking a deal.

For kids aged 6 months upwards, the Philips Avent Easy Sip Spout Cup is easy to drink from, as liquid starts flowing when pressure is applied to the spout. This means that there are no spills and that baby is always able to get their juice or water. The container shape is designed with rippled sides to enable easy gripping. The Nuby Insulated Cool Sipper is perfect for days out or hot summers at the park. Suitable from 18-24 months, the cup features an insulated double wall that traps air between the layers, helping to keep drinks cooler for longer, meaning that little ones can hold the cup without their hands getting too cold!

For older kids, Munchkin’s 360 Miracle cups are available in a wide range of designs and colours to suit every taste, some featuring animals or colour changing technology. These cups feature a unique lip that runs around the edge of the cup and seals when baby isn’t drinking from it. The spoutless design is like drinking from a regular cup so it’s great for helping little ones move from sippy cups to drinking from regular containers. The Munchkin Twist Mix and Match Sippy Cup is a fun way to get kids excited about drinking independently. This cup features three twistable sections. With these, kids can mix and match animals to create their own special cup!

Baby Brands Direct have a wide variety of toddler cups available to buy wholesale. There are cups for all consumers that can be viewed at our category page. Also available are more feeding and weaning products from top brands.