Mega Bloks #WhyStockIt? The Importance of Building Block Toys


All retailers and parents alike know the importance of play in baby’s development and understanding of the environment around them. Construction play, while offering staple opportunities for skill development such as use of fine and large motor skills and hand-eye coordination also offers is own avenue of quite unique key benefits. These include social skills through team
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So Despicable! NEW Minions Products Available from Mega Bloks!

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Baby Brands Direct now have NEW Mega Bloks Minions items available for our retailers to buy wholesale! These fun, interactive building playsets offer kids entertainment as well as developing hand-eye coordination, sensory skills and teamworking abilities. Each playset has different themes, all of which are taken from aspects of Despicable Me 2 and the Minions
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Keep Up With Latest Trends: Buy Mega Bloks, Bing Wholesale Now!

With the rise of battery operated toys and video games, retailers may be surprised to know that construction toys and building blocks are still a popular buying choice for parents. Surely, kids want something more hi-tech, right? Not necessarily! As well as giving kids ample opportunity to engage in imaginative play, construction toys can help children develop
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