Celebrate International Women’s Day with Barbie!

There are two reasons to celebrate this coming week! Tuesday 8th March 2022 is International Women’s Day, an annual celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also raises awareness of and is designed to accelerate women’s equality all over the world. International Women’s Day first began over a century ago, with the first IWD gathering taking place in 1911 – and since then there has been plenty of positive change, but there is still a lot of work to do to build equality between genders. 

Everyone’s favourite doll, Barbie, turns 63 on Wednesday 9th March! Mattel’s iconic female figure’s birthday coincides with a celebration of women from across the globe and provides retailers with a great way to recognise both milestones! Barbie is one of the most instantly recognisable brands in existence, with a bright pink logo and familiar facial features that make Barbie unique. Over a billion Barbie dolls have been sold worldwide and the dolls, playsets and accessories are available in approximately 150 countries – so it is truly an international brand. 

Barbie’s main ethos and message is that girls can be anything they want to be. Mattel have developed and adapted the brand over the years to create a product range with themes that are inspiring to young girls, while still being fun to play with. In 2018, Barbie launched the Dream Gap Project, which gives girls the resources and support they need to continue believing in themselves, as they grow up. Research shows that starting at age five, many girls begin to develop self-limiting beliefs and think they’re not as smart and capable as boys – so the Dream Gap Project aims to close this gender gap and help girls achieve their dreams. Mattel aim for Barbie to be one of the strong and empowering role models that girls look up to. 

Leading wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct has a great selection of Barbie toys – including dolls and playsets, such as the recently released Mega Construx playsets that combine everything girls love about Barbie with the fun of construction toys. These little building sets are perfect for children aged 5 and up, as all the pieces are specially designed for little hands to hold. Barbie Fashionista and EXTRA dolls celebrate diversity with fashion dolls that feature a variety of skin tones, eye and hair colours and body types. These dolls are designed to reflect the world kids see today, empowering girls of all races and body types. Available at Baby Brands Direct is the Barbie Fashionista with Wheelchair Set, which features a doll seated in a wheelchair that can be rolled. This aims to show girls that even if they have disabilities or are not able bodied, they can still achieve their dreams. The Barbie Career Doll Assortment is also a great choice – showcasing Barbie in a variety of different roles, such as doctor or chef, in order to inspire young girls to make their dream job a reality. 

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