Disney’s Zootropolis – Products NOW IN!

The city of Zootropolis is like no other. There are no humans – only anthropomorphic animals that wear clothes, use public transport and work in offices. Creatures big and small all coexist in this city in relative harmony, living in specialised districts such as Little Rodentia, Bunny Borough, Tundratown and Sahara Square.

Wide eyed bunny, Judy Hopps, has just moved to the big city to live her dream of being a cop and making the world a better place. However, since she is the first ever rabbit police officer, she find that she is underestimated and assigned menial tasks instead of the big cases that the tough rhinos, elephants and tigers get. The chance to prove herself soon comes along, as a number of animals have gone missing from the city. To solve the case, Judy must team up with an unlikely partner, Nick Wilde, a sly, wise cracking con-artist fox. Not only is he a criminal, but he’s also Judy’s natural enemy – so the pair don’t exactly see eye to eye straight away.


With a unique and creative setting and story, Disney’s Zootropolis is set to be a big hit when it is released in the UK on March 25th. Baby Brands Direct has some brilliant Zootropolis plush toys from Posh Paws International, ready to order now. These include extra large, adorable Judy Hopps and Ele-Finnick plush dolls – perfect for snuggling with! We also have some great activity toys from TOMY. These character packs and vehicle assortments make for great collectables and are perfect for kids to re-enact their favourite parts of the movie!

Check out our Disney’s Zootropolis brand page to view the full range and see more trailers!

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