Dr. Brown’s Move to Options+ Bottles and Teats

Dr Brown's Option+ supplierWhether you love or loath change, the fact is that there is a rolling change on all the Dr. Brown’s Bottles and Teats from ‘Options’ to ‘Options+’. Why the change? Well from what we can ascertain, the change is all good, the new teat shape looks much more appealing and undoubtedly offers better functionality with its more true to form breast shape. The wide neck and correctly contoured design is made of soft silicone that is flexible at the tip and gradually firms, helping baby comfortably latch and avoid nipple to teat confusion. In terms of the bottles themselves, there is a new grip on the collar to make assembly easier, and also indent on the bottle cap to make it easier to take off with one hand. In addition, the Dr. Brown’s bottles now have further value added with each including a travel disk to help protect from leaks whilst on the move. The new bottles are manufactured with sturdier parts which are easier to clean and comes in new bespoke UK packaging from 100% recycled paperboard.

The Options+ launch is an opportunity to also refocus on the key attributes of the brand, which is providing a 100% vacuum free bottle. This strong statement is backed by clinically proven results showing that they do reduce colic, burping and wind. Air free feeding has obvious benefits of a more comfortable baby with less build-up of gas in baby’s tummy. The system is more specialised at addressing this than some other brands with its vent transporting any air introduced into the bottle all the way to the back of it, clear of the milk. Added to this is the flexibility for parents to remove the vent once baby has grown out of colic.

Dr. Brown’s has been trusted by parents & Healthcare Professionals around the world for over 20 years to reduce colic. In fact:

  • 92% of UK Health Visitors recommend Dr. Brown’s for the relief of colicky symptoms
  • 79% of UK Midwives state that Dr. Brown’s is an effective bottle for the relief of colicky symptoms
  • 82% of UK Health Visitors state that Dr. Brown’s is an effective bottle for the relief of colicky symptoms 

This is a great time to stock Dr. Brown’s in store, with its new look packaging conveying a strong message about functionality and flexibility, sales conversion should be high. Kindly note though, the new Options+ range is not compatible with the Options range because not only is the teat different but they also have different necks and collars. 

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