Exciting New Brand Just Launched: Schleich!

Dolls, figures and playsets is one of our most popular categories at Baby Brands Direct, with a great selection of internationally renowned brands offering a fantastic array of high quality products in this category. Fitting into the ‘kid-powered toy’ category, dolls, figures and playsets see children taking control of the play, helping them to learn critical-thinking skills, creativity, confidence, leadership and discipline. The opportunities for imaginative play with these kinds of toys is almost endless, meaning that they are great value for money for consumers and offer longevity in terms of relevancy for children. Our new brand, Schleich, believe that promoting creativity and a rich imagination is one of the most valuable gifts you can give a child. 

Schleich is a world leader in dolls, figures and playsets, with an extensive range of products that offer something for every interest. Schleich is named after Friedrich Schleich, who founded the company in 1935, around 85 years ago. Since their humble beginnings, they have grown into an international brand with sales across the globe. We currently have stock of several of their ranges including Farm World, Wild Life, Horse Club, Dinosaurs and Bayala – with something for both boys and girls to enjoy. Their toys allow and encourage children to play in an imaginative way, stimulating their minds and encouraging social and emotional skills. Their figures are attractive and full of interesting textures, made with high-quality craftsmanship from kid-safe plastics.

With over 50 new toys from Schleich available, we have something for everyone. The Schleich Large Farm House is a wonderful choice for younger children, forming the centrepiece of the Schleich Farm World. This versatile playset can be taken apart and put together in different ways, so it can be modified for whatever adventure little one wants to go on that day. It features two human characters and several animals for engaging fun. It can also be used with the other Farm World toys in the range, offering additional sales and add-on opportunities.

The Schleich Croco Jungle Research Station offers excitement and adventure from the comfort of the home. This playset includes a range of wild animals, including a crocodile and a panther, for high-octane fun and adventure. Kids can set off on a research mission in the wild jungle and discover rare species with Ranger Tom, look after injured animals and find the secret treasure in the Croco skull! The Schleich Animal Rescue Helicopter is a great add-on product for the research station playset. This helicopter toy invites kids to rescue a baby hippo from a hungry lion, with its secure net that can be lowered with the winch.

There are a huge variety of items available in the Horse Club range, including beautiful horse figures such as the Schleich Haflinger Mare or Schleich Andalusian Stallion. These figures are created with beautiful detailing to create a life-like look. The Schleich Riding Centre With Rider And Horses is a great playset for horse lovers. With its green doors and pink windows and window frames, the stable building really does look simply incredible. This toy is versatile, offering different play modes and a variety of horse and human figurines.

For fantasy lovers, the Bayala range offers beautiful mermaids, fairies and elves. Schleich Sera’s Magical Flower Boat doesn’t just look beautiful, kids can also discover a lot on it. With adorable figurines, dinghy, hidden compartment and anchor, this is a playset that offers a lot of different functions. The Schleich Mermaid Eyela On Underwater Horse is a stunning set of figurines that feature lots of detailing to make them as beautiful as possible. Girls will love this set, as well as the other beautiful Bayala sets.

For boys – and even adventurous girls – the Dinosaur figurines are a great way to encourage exciting scenarios and imaginative play. From the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex to the plant eating Stegosaurus, there’s a great selection of figurines that offer a bite size but lifelike version of these prehistoric beasts. Every scale is rendered in stunning detail!

There is a huge selection of Schleich toys available to buy wholesale now from Baby Brands Direct. Check out the brand page for the full range of over 50 products.