Exciting New Figures from Playmobil!

Playmobil is one of the most beloved and iconic franchises within the toy industry. Developed in the mid 1970s, the German brand has worked hard to create fun toys for generations of children. Playmobil figures feature the trademark friendly smileergonomic, simple shapes and bright, attractive colours – making their toys instantly recognisable on the shelves. The cute face of the Playmobil figure is designed to bring to mind a child’s drawing of a person – with two circle eyes, no nose and a happy  curved mouth. This has also been incorporated into the brand logo, so everyone knows a Playmobil toy when they see one! With a huge variety of different playsets available, Playmobil is a fantastic brand for any toy store or nursery shop – especially as there are dedicated collectors of Playmobil products, as well as the children who enjoy playing with the figures. 

Baby Brands Direct have some great new products from the Playmobil range available to buy wholesale, just in time for Christmas! These lovely job themed figures each come with exclusive accessories, allowing children to start or expand their Playmobil collections. These toys are fantastic for imaginative play and for helping development in key areas – such as communication, gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These toys also boast a number of other benefits, such as encouraging open-ended play and promoting problem-solving skills!

Toys such as figures and playsets are also great for encouraging creativity and storytelling within play, allowing children to draw upon experiences and themes from their daily lives or from the media they’ve consumed. This is why these new job themed figures are perfect – as they help children develop characters, while drawing on their knowledge of the different roles and jobs within our community – such as police, chefs and dog walkers. This helps ground the play in reality, while still being fun and engaging – but also gives them an opportunity to process real life information and experiences. 

The new additions to the range include the Playmobil DuoPack Policeman and Street Artist, a pack of two figures that kids will love to create high octane police chases with! They can catch the spray painting criminal – or evade the policeman! This set can be used with other police themed playsets in the Playmobil range, so there’s no end to the storytelling potential! The Playmobil Dog Walker set features a female dog walker figure, as well as four adorable dogs and detachable leads, which the figure can hold! The set also includes a shoulder bag. The Playmobil Pizza Chef includes all the ingredients one needs to create a delicious pizza, as well as a pizza accessory, pizza box and pizza tray! Combined with the other playsets, such as Playmobil Bicycle Excursion, Playmobil Country Singer and Playmobil Mechanic, children can create an entire cosmopolitan world of fun with just toys and their imagination. 

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