Brand New Toys from Tomy Toomies

Baby Brands Direct have a great selection of brand new Tomy Toomies toys, available to buy wholesale now! For over 90 years, Tomy toys have delighted children and their parents around the world. The Tomy brand has become synonymous with quality, play value, and innovation all wrapped up in fun. Tomy Toomies is a range of brightly coloured, super fun toys for younger kids, that inspire and excite little minds. 

These quirky products are perfect for kids aged 12-36 months, encouraging movement and development of motor skills, as well as puzzle solving and hand-eye coordination. They’re easy to grasp with little hands and comfortable to hold, allowing kids to become more confident with their grasping and carrying movements. 

One great new product in the range is the Toomies Sing & Squirt elephant. Kids can dunk him in the tub, squeeze his belly to fill him with water, and then squeeze again and he’ll squirt the water right out of his trunk. Children can then press or squeeze on the musical note either in or out of the bath to hear one of six random sounds, providing fun and auditory stimulation! Little ones will quickly discover the link between what they do and what happens next. This cause-and-effect learning plays an important part in any child’s development.

The Toomies Spin & Splash Octopals has a sucker on the back that let parents attach it safely inside the bath tub, on wall tiles or any smooth surface. Each little Octopal reacts in a different way, spinning like the wheel of a water mill, or swaying from side to side with a mini-fountain of water coming from their mouth or legs. Designed for hours of fun, this toy promotes the development of essential motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Also available in the new range are some licensed products from beloved franchise, Peppa Pig. Kids will love playing with the Toomies Peppa & Unicorn and George & Dino Bath Floats – featuring their favourite characters, Peppa Pig and George. These cute toys are made up of three parts: a circular base that behaves like a floating ring; a dinosaur or unicorn friend that sits on top and collects water; plus a little Peppa or George figure that’s soft and squidgy and rides the dinosaur or unicorn. These toys help kids explore cause and effect with the water squirter, develop fine motor skills and build their confidence around water.

There are even more new toys available at Baby Brands Direct, one of the UK’s leading wholesalers of baby and nursery products. Check out the Tomy page for more great items.