Exclusive Competition: WIN a Bundle of Lansinoh Birth Prep Products!

Baby and nursery wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, is offering our wholesale customers the chance to win a great Lansinoh prize in our exclusive competition! This competition runs till the 4th March 2022 so make sure you get in quick! 

We’re offering our retailers the opportunity to win a selection of Lansinoh’s innovative and unique birth prep range, aimed at mums who have just given birth to help relieve discomfort and pain after labour. Lisa Craven,  Marketing Manager at Lansinoh Laboratories UK Ltd, said that the Lansinoh’s Birth Preparation and Recovery range is an “essential collection of products designed to help avoid discomfort both during and after birth. The range can be used as a four-step routine, starting during the final stages of pregnancy, to help mums minimise discomfort during and after labour.” 

Prior to creating this range, Lansinoh conducted some research, which revealed that 8 in 10 new mums felt they were not fully prepared for life and recovery after childbirth. A further 62% said that they felt they had unrealistic expectations for their recovery after giving birth. Meanwhile, 83% said they would recommend that new mums prepare for their own recovery. Mums can do this by investing in Lansinoh’s Birth Preparation range, which comprises a range of different compact products that can fit into changing bags or handbags for mums to take on the go. With discreet packaging, mums don’t have to feel self conscious while taking care of themselves.

Lansinoh’s Organic Post-Birth Relief Spray is made from a unique blend of herbal ingredients to provide soothing relief after birth. Mums can rest assured that, even though it smells good, the perfume is natural and won’t irritate sensitive skin. The formula of the product has been clinically tested to help soothe and relieve discomfort during post-birth recovery and is gynecologically tested to be suitable and kind for intimate regions. A unique blend of herbal ingredients including Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Cucumber have been specially chosen, thanks to their medicinal qualities. The 360° sprayer allows gentle and easy hands-free application from any angle, which is great given that it can be hard to reach intimate areas.

Another product designed to be easy to use is the Lansinoh Post-Birth Wash Bottle. This bottle has been specially designed to gently wash the sensitive perineal area and soothe discomfort with a cleansing stream of water. The Post-Birth Wash Bottle can hold up to 360ml of water and can be easily used upside down, so mum’s hands won’t have to twist and strain uncomfortably. The bottle also features a collapsible spout and storage bag for portability.

The innovative Lansinoh Cold & Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad can be used cold or warm for soothing comfort and pain relief after childbirth. Mums can keep these pads cold to help provide relief from perineal, haemorrhoidal or C-section pain and discomfort. This provides gentle cooling sensations to sore areas, helping relieve uncomfortable feelings and pain. Used warm, the pad can be applied to the abdomen to help relieve postnatal uterine cramping commonly experienced after birth. The product is safe for use postpartum and while breastfeeding, as it effectively moulds to the body and stays flexible after freezing. Refill sleeves for the pads are also available, helping keep the pad clean and hygienic.

The collection from Lansinoh also comprises a handy tool for pre-birth preparation. Lansinoh’s Organic Pre-Birth Preparation Oil nourishes and conditions the skin of the perineum. Mums can perform a perineal massage with the oil, which is proven to help prevent tearing during childbirth. The preparation oil is designed to be used to massage the perineum from 34 weeks of pregnancy. This can help make the skin supple, moisturised and at less risk of injury during labour. The unique blend of 100% natural ingredients helps to condition and nourish the skin, making it feel luxurious to use. 

Check out the competitions page to enter – or head to the Lansinoh brand page to see all products available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.