Fantastic Activity Toys from Hot Wheels and Mega Bloks

Baby Brands Direct are pleased to announce that we have some great new products from Mattel brands, Hot Wheels and Mega Bloks, available to buy wholesale now! These two hugely popular franchises are globally renowned, with consumers across the world. After the launch of Hot Wheels in 1968, the brand has gone from strength to strength. Sales topped 16 million in the first year and have hardly slowed since. Mattel is reported to have said that approximately eight Hot Wheels cars are sold every second – showing just how popular they are. 

We have some great new track packs from Hot Wheels, allowing kids to build upon the Hot Wheels sets that they already have and enjoy even more racing fun. Each set has a Hot Wheels car included, allowing kids to easily build up their collection of Hot Wheels vehicles. The Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Adjustable Loop Pack features a three-in-one loop that kids can adjust to make more challenging and more exciting. The spiral loop connects to three unique exit tracks which can connect to other sets. This Adjustable Loop Pack presents exciting opportunities for kids to design epic builds and have hours of fun.

Another really cool addition to the range is the Hot Wheels Speedway Hauler, which redefines Hot Wheels storage and racing in one semi-truck that’s full of surprises. Small display windows on the trailer show the Hot Wheels cars it can carry. More than 20 cars can be carried in the truck, which makes it perfect for travelling. When kids pull the back latch, the hauler unfolds into a six-foot long racetrack – making it excellent value for money and a versatile toy! 

For kids seeking an adrenaline rush, the Hot Wheels Toxic Snake Strike playset presents an epic obstacle. Kids launch their Hot Wheels vehicle through a toxic cobra whose fangs drip with green slime. Cars not moving fast enough can get stuck, but those with the right boost will stunt through the goo and land on one of two buttons that defeat the nemesis. The playset includes a reusable container of slime to make the experience even more exciting!

For fans of construction, the new Mega Bloks playsets are perfect! The Mega Bloks Lil’ Building Workbench allows kids to get to work with 36 pieces, including 29 big durable building blocks and a cute blueprint card to build a little birdhouse. They can turn the toolbox into their workbench when they stack the blocks and tap in the 2 plastic nails using the plastic hammer. Then, they can twist in the 2 screws using the plastic nut driver to build the birdhouse right onto the tub! 

The Lil’ Building Drill Set includes 32 pieces, including 24 big building blocks and 1 mechanical drill. Kids can build anything they imagine when they use the 3 different drill bits, including a flathead, hex and drilling end, and special pieces like 2 plastic screws and 2 plastic gears. Made just for little hands, this playset was designed to help toddlers develop fine motor skills and creativity while they play! 

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