Fantastic Offers – Munchkin, Mattel and We Made Me!

It’s the first week of November, which means the Christmas rush is just starting! Baby Brands Direct have some great offers available on some amazing products, which should make stocking up easier for our retailers! 

Get £1 off selected Munchkin lines!

We’re offering £1 off some great Munchkin products until 22nd November! Weaning is made easier with the Munchkin Dining Sets and It’s A Miracle gift sets. These sets are wonderful gifts for families with weaning children, as they have everything parents need to make their child’s self-feeding experiences the best they can be! Featuring Munchkin’s Splash collection of tableware, the Grown Ups Table and Big Kid dining sets make dinner times a breeze. The bowls are designed to make scooping up food easy for little ones, meaning they can get every last crumb of their yummy food. They feature easy to hold silver cutlery to make kids feel like grown ups! 

The Munchkin It’s A Miracle gift set includes the amazing Miracle 360° Sippy Cup – which eliminates messes, supports children’s dental health, is easy to drink from and even easier to clean. The spill proof lid only opens when little one’s mouth is on it, meaning it can be tossed about with no mess! It also includes the equally spill proof Miracle 360 Fruit Infuser Cup, which enhances plain water with natural fruity taste – parents can add fruits into the built-in basket, fill with water, and twist to extract the flavour, saying goodbye to artificial flavourings! 

We’re also offering a discount on the Brica by Munchkin By-My-Side Safety Harness. This kid friendly backpack and harness is perfect for toddlers 18 months and up. Parents can keep their kids close by with this ingenious 2-in-1 product. The harness is sturdy and comfortable, while the backpack offers plenty of room for snacks, sippy cups and toys. Perfect for autumn walks in the park, or firework nights. It’s available in a lovely owl or giraffe design. 


30% off Mattel Creatable World dolls

Mattel’s range of Creatable World dolls enables kids to get really creative while playing with their dolls. These Deluxe Character Kits provide a blank canvas along with the pieces to create unique characters, over and over again! These dolls come with a range of clothes, accessories and even a wig for changing their hairstyle. This gives kids the freedom to create their own unique friends, each time they play! Available in a range of skin tones, these dolls offer kids a diverse and inclusive playing experience, giving them the chance to see themselves represented! 



50% off selected We Made Me baby carriers until 17th November! 

This is a great opportunity to stock up on We Made Me baby carriers! The We Made Me brand has received multiple awards. It also has a global following with its reputation firmly established as a market leader in baby carriers with unflinching commitment to style, functionality and above all, safety. 

Available in the deal is the We Made Me Smile baby carrier. This carrier supports five different carrying positions, including discreet breast feeding positions and a cradle position for newborns. The Smile creates a wonderful ergonomic and natural seating position, with legs spread, squat and with baby’s spine rounded. 

Retailers can also purchase the We Made Me Imagine Classic 3 in 1 baby carrier. This easy to wear, two-shoulder carrier, delivers contoured tailoring and support for baby and wearer. It is acknowledged as a hip-healthy baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. We Made Me have designed it to support, and grow with baby month by month. The sculpted shoulder straps can also be crossed over, to provide an enhanced fit and better adjustment.

Also available is the Flow, We Made Me’s revolutionary wrap. The product is soft, light and breathable, making it easy to move in. Flow has a flexible fabric, which shapes to the contours of the body, utilizing a unique open structure. We Made Me has woven the fabric in Flow to provide comfort and support. It features a ‘side to side’ lateral expansion, which provides an unrivalled closeness and is reassuring and secure. This is further enhanced by the taut vertical threads, which provide lift; so that there is no gradual change of baby’s wearing position or postural pressures on one’s body.

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