Get 10% OFF Tiny Love’s Wonder Buddies!

Baby Brands Direct is a leading wholesaler of baby and nursery products, with a huge selection of amazing toys – such as Tiny Love‘s Wonder Buddies! These cute little critters are currently on offer, with 10% off the range of Wonder Buddies smart toys until 28th November 2021.

A unique offering from popular brand, Tiny Love, Wonder Buddies use smart interactive technology to make playtime engaging and interesting for young children. These clever activity toys can also help to boost learning and development, helping to develop essential skills such as fine and gross motor skills, imagination, creativity and cognition. 

Included in the Tiny Love Wonder Buddies range are Thomas the Rabbit, Coco the Mouse and Leonardo the Lion. Each Wonder Buddy has friendly facial features that kids will find appealing, as well as several fun activities that bring them to life and turn them into little one’s new best friend. 

These features are: 

  • Playing peek-a-boo when hidden
  • Heart glows when tickled
  • Makes nibbling sounds when their food accessory is held to their mouths
  • Goes ‘boing‘ when bounced
  • Sneezes when their nose is touched
  • Snores when put to bed
  • Makes wobble sounds when shaken

These features are facilitated by a number of smart sensors inside the toy, which can sense when the toy is in darkness or is being held, moved and touched in certain areas. This allows children to play with the toy intuitively and lets them be rewarded for their exploration and creative thinking. The toys come with seven play cards which give kids hints on how to play with their new friends in order to discover all the fun features available. Parents can also get involved with play time by helping their little ones read and understand the cards.

Thanks to the Wonder Buddiescompact size, they are easy for little hands to hold. This means that they can be carried and played with easily, helping to improve essential fine motor skills in fingers and wrists. It also makes them great for travel and visiting family, as parents won’t need to transport a large activity centre to keep their little ones entertained at granny’s house! Wonder Buddies are great for children ages 12 months and over, who are able to move about and engage with the toy. 

Over the past 30 years, Tiny Love has grown to be a global, multiple award-winning baby products and developmental toy company. Their toys are designed to be both engaging and beneficial for baby’s development and growth. Baby Brands Direct have a great selection of Tiny Love toys, available to buy wholesale online now!