Get 20% Off Earth Friendly Baby Toiletries!

Leading UK based wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, is offering 20% off the Earth Friendly Baby range until 19th September 2021. 

With more and more consumers becoming conscious of their impact on the environment, it is becoming increasingly important that retailers offer their customers eco-friendly products. This global awareness, combined with a parent’s desire to keep their little one’s skin away from harsh chemicals while bathing, makes Earth Friendly Baby’s range of baby toiletries an excellent choice for independent businesses to stock. Earth Friendly Baby was created in 1995 by a father who was seeking to find high quality toiletries for his children that wouldn’t harm their skin. Unable to find a solution on the market, he created his own range of products which were met with great enthusiasm and success. After several years of growth, the brand was taken over by Lansinoh in 2011.

Earth Friendly Baby’s toiletries have been approved as Natural and Organic products by Ecocert Greenlife, a global organic certification organisation. Their toiletries are made from naturally sourced ingredients, made with sustainable palm oil and are not tested on animals – meaning they are suitable for vegetarians! By using sustainably sourced palm oil, the brand is helping to save endangered species like the orangutan, as well as protecting their habitats and the rainforests from deforestation. 

All products are beautifully fragranced with plants such as lavender and chamomile, but parents can be sure that these fragrances won’t harm their little one’s skin as they aren’t manmade. The Lavender shampoo and bodywash is a great choice for pre-bedtime baths as lavender helps calm and soothe the senses, helping baby drift off to sleep. 

All Earth Friendly Baby shampoos, lotions, oils and soaps come in fully recycled bottles that have been created by plastics originally used for other products. This means the company is not creating excess waste and is helping to reduce the amount of plastic left in landfills. It also means that they are not using harmful fossil fuels to make their packaging. 

Earth Friendly Baby products are all made in the UK, which will appeal to the British buyer as they will relish the opportunity to support a home grown brand, as well as appealing to buyers across the globe who trust that British made products are of top quality and manufactured to high standards. Check out the Earth Friendly Baby brand page to find out more – or head to the promotions page to view all current wholesale offers at Baby Brands Direct!