Get 5% OFF Selected Barbie Dolls and Playsets

Leading UK wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, is offering wholesale customers 5% off selected Barbie products. The offer is running until 30th January 2022 or as long as stocks last, so make sure you get in quick! This is a great opportunity to stock up on some amazing dolls and playsets that kids will love. 

Barbie is one of those brands that sparks instant recognition in the mind of the consumer. Everyone knows what a Barbie doll is, what the bright pink logo looks like and what it means to young girls across the globe. Many women had at least one Barbie doll growing up, each smiling friendly companion helping to form happy childhood memories both alone and with friends – so the brand also has nostalgic appeal to many mothers.

One of Mattel’s most recognisable brands, Barbie has continued to innovate and adapt to changing audiences. Today’s world is much different to that of the late 50s and early 60s, when Barbie was first introduced to the market. Themes of gender expression, empowering women and ethnic minorities, as well as representation are prevalent in today’s Western culture. Barbie has endeavoured to keep up with these trends, finding unique gaps in the market to fill and to allow children to see themselves in their products – no matter their skin colour, gender or if they have any disabilities. Barbie, as a brand, is at the forefront of bringing diversity and inclusivity to a young market, helping to build the concept of empathy and compassion for others. 

As well as this, Barbie has continued to make dolls and playsets that are fun and engaging with a range of different features and themes that set them apart from others in the industry. The Barbie Extra dolls are a great selection of products that highlight the fun and colourful modern look of today’s Barbie doll. The Barbie Extra Doll with Blonde Pigtails features long blonde hair that’s perfect for brushing, a big fluffy pink coat that makes a statement and coordinating accessories. Barbie Fashionista Extra Doll with Rainbow Coat features dark skin and afro hair with accurate styling and texture, as well as a funky rainbow coat and trendy leisure outfit. All Barbie Extra dolls come with adorable pets – each with their own unique style and accessories. 

The Barbie Dreamtopia Colour Change Mermaid is a magical little doll whose tail, bodice and hair change colour in the water! Kids can dip this unique Barbie doll into warm water to see these parts transform to reveal a rainbow of pretty pastels – then they can turn them back into the bright neon colours with cold water, or leave her to dry to reveal the original hues. Children will love seeing the doll change colour, leading to imaginative play as they imagine fun fairy tale scenarios. Another item available on offer is the Barbie Birthday Surprise Chelsea Jungle River Play Set, which features a cute Chelsea doll and animal companions. Kids can fill the pool with water and let the dolls have splashy fun, then help Chelsea and animal friends climb the tree to slide down into the river or zipline to the other side. 

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