Great Savings: Get 5% Off Boon Products

Leading nursery and baby wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, is offering 5% off selected Boon items until 19th September 2021! 

Boon has a great range of drying racks and cleaning equipment for baby bottles and other essentials, like soothers, bowls and cutlery. Their unique and quirky products are designed to look like grass, plants and flowers, bringing meadows and fields into the kitchen. They’re perfect for the modern family and are great for small worktops, as they allow parents to optimise limited spaces. The cute flower shaped Boon Stem Drying Accessory is perfect for adding to the Lawn Drying Rack to add additional space. 

Boon offer a great range of weaning essentials, designed to encourage and support confidence while self feeding.  Moving onto solid food is a key stage in every child’s life and it’s important that they have the right tools to make it easy to scoop up food and bring it up to their mouths. Boon’s innovative cutlery and bowls are designed with scooping in mind, while their Pulp feeders make snack time simple! The Boon Swap cutlery is a dual-ended spoon with a soft end and a rigid end perfect for first time eaters. Both sides have a flat tip perfect for wiping off food from baby’s face.

Boon have an exciting collection of colourful and unique bath toys, as well as functional bath accessories, designed to make bath time a great experience for both parent and baby. Bath time can be a wonderful chance for parent to bond with their little one – so having products that make them feel comfortable, as well as bringing fun to the bathing routine, can help the family grow closer. Boon Cogs suction to the bath walls and spin when water is poured over them. Positioned just right, they work like a fine-tuned machine. They can be combined with Boon’s other bath toys such as Tubes for maximum fun!

Check out the Boon brand page for the full selection of items – or head over to the promotions page to see our latest offers, including 50% off We Made Me baby carriers!