Great Savings on Selected Schleich Toys!

Leading wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, is currently offering great savings on selected Schleich dolls and playsets, until 31st August 2022 or while stocks last! Founded in 1935 by Friedrich Schleich, the company is one of the largest toy manufacturers in Germany and their toys are available in over 50 countries. Their highly detailed figures are crafted beautifully with real world accuracy in mind, helping to teach kids about the world around them.

Playing with figures and playsets allows children to engage in pretend play. Pretend play is important and beneficial to a child’s growth and development. Engaging in pretend play helps to increase a child’s capacity for cognitive creativity and free thinking. Children are able to practice using their imagination, to solve problems and to think creatively and independently – while also having fun by themselves or with their peers.

Studies show that children often use objects to represent something else, or assign themselves and others roles and then act them out in order to learn about and process important social cues and life skills. Through creative pretend play, kids can develop empathy and learn how to co-operate with their classmates and friends. It also allows them to take on responsibility, as they may be acting in the role of a care giver or in a position of authority – or even as part of a team. Pretend play can also improve language and communication skills, as well as helping to boost confidence and self esteem.

Retailers can get 10% off selected items in Schleich’s various product lines. Schleich’s Riding Centre With Rider And Horses is a great playset included in this offer, featuring a high quality riding centre with animals and accessories. Many young girls love horses and this product allows them to manage their own riding centre and take care of their new horse friends! Finished with a lovely pink roof, flower baskets and brick work, this is a lovely playset for kids to enjoy. Also available is the new beautiful Schleich Rainbow Dragon, with gorgeous rainbow plumage and long sweeping tail. This is the perfect addition to the Bayala range of fantasy toys that inspire imaginative play.

We are also offering £10 off selected items. For the boys, there’s the Schleich Dino Set With Cave, which features three dinosaur figures that kids will love to play with. The carnivorous dinosaur attempts to catch either one of the other, smaller dinosaurs. However, a rockfall might bury the animals – and the player can decide who gets trapped and who is free! This offer also includes the Schleich 4X4 Vehicle With Winch with ranger and chimpanzee figure. This playset encourages creative jungle fun as it sees the ranger on a rescue mission, but first he must fix his vehicle! With many accessories, this is a great interactive playset for high stakes fun! The Schleich Big Horse Show With Horses set is a great option for those who already have some of Schleich’s horse club figures. It features fences and obstacles for horses to jump over, as well as flags, stable and podium for the winners to collect their ribbons. 

Check out our promotions page for more great offers, or check out our range of Schleich figures and playsets, available for independent retailers to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.