Hot Wheels Car Wash Playset Distributor

Hot Wheels Die Cast Distribution Range Expanded

The Hot Wheels range of die cast toys at Baby Brands Direct has been in the wholesale range since 2017 and gained in popularity particularly amongst its online retailers. With the cars so well-known, demand for the easily recognisable cars stem from both kids and collectors alike. Therefore in the classic range we have now added a 10 piece pack option to the current 5 piece pack, for which the higher value set may prove particularly popular in the run up to Xmas, both being presented in a gift-able box.

Hot Wheel Die Cast Toy DistributorThere are tantalising new releases from Mattel this season including a limited edition Disney release. This is in favour of the 90th anniversary of Mickey and Minnie Mouse this year and includes illustrations and sentiments celebrating the milestones of each of its decades.

Hot Wheel Die Cast Toy DistributorIn addition to this, Hot Wheels are themselves celebrating their own 50th anniversary this year and hence there are specific collections available only this year including additions at Baby Brands Direct of the 50th Anniversary 5 Pack and 50th Anniversary Assortment, the former emphasis the legacy of the brand with some of the most popular castings ever produced whilst the latter offers milestones of the favourite racing cars in authentic decorations. Also celebrating the legacy, is the stunning black and gold 50th Anniversary collection featuring matte black and gold decorations on the cars. 

Hot Wheel Die Cast Toy DistributorThe Hot Wheels franchise is also about projecting fantasy onto its cars teaming up with some of the most well-known movie brands in the world. Available to trade at Baby Brands Direct is already the Star Wars and Batman die cast collections, and now added to that is the Avengers 3 and Gran Turismo range. Some fans are particularly fond of these franchises as they also link to computer animation games.

Hot Wheels Car Wash Playset DistributorAt a slightly higher price point but to ultimate fascination, is the colour shifter range which is where each vehicle when dipped into water comes out a different colour! It will have everyone wanting to participate in zooming and splashing fun. Incorporating the same theme and ridiculously fun, is the Hot Wheels City Ultimate Gator Car Wash! A truly inspiring ultimate playset, cars can use the lift, zoom around spiralling tracks and try to escape the swirling whirlpool without then getting caught in the gator’s jaws whilst watching the thrilling magical included vehicle change colour as it hits the water segments in the set.

One of the most popular lines when we first launched Hot Wheels for trade, was the Mega Hauler car carrier, which houses up to 50 cars within its 6 expandable levels. This being the anniversary year the Hauler has had a refresh special and features the 50th Anniversary logo – making for an extra special sale opportunity.

Hot Wheels Corksscrew Crash Playset SupplierHot Wheels Ultimate Garage DistributorFor special presents, we have 2 additional playsets, the Corkscrew Crash (SRP £50) and Ultimate Garage (SRP £200). The former tests the skills of the player(s) to send additional cars into the triple loop track without crashing out an existing car. It has 3 high-action crash zones and 3 high-speed boosters. The latter, as the price tag and name indicates is a luxurious car park that can store over 140 cars and measures over 3ft tall. It also has various play zones including a drive-up diner and car wash, a motorized elevator,  a massive jet plane with a penthouse landing pad and a menacing gorilla determined to swipe cars out of the elevator. Kids can also have a thrilling side-by-side race with its 2 car track starting at the penthouse.

Hot Wheels track supplierFinally, ideal for those with limited space or on the move, there the track and builder set that comes in a transformable crate and pops out into 3 different stunts that include the Gravity Drop, Mega Jump and Drag Race! It can also be used in conjunction with other track sets encouraging brand loyalty.

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