How To Save Your Shop From Another High Street Statistic

highstreetbabystore How To Save Your Shop From Another High Street StatisticLooking at the amount of High Street stores closing their doors has been alarming, to say the least. According to Office for National Statistics (ONS) there has been a rise in online sales in the UK, which could be a contributing factor. The ONS has found that retail sales; excluding fuel, dropped by 0.3%in December and internet sales have risen from just over 2% of all sales in 2006 to 10.6% of sales in December. The information given by ONS suggests that it is time for shops to think differently about their consumers. We have four helpful tips that are sure to help you beat these worrying high street statistics.

1) Be an expert: Online retailers cannot provide the personal touch you can in store so learn about the brands you stock and the products you sell. People will come to your shop if they know they are going to an expert for knowledge they cannot find online.

2) Build a long term relationship: Treat your customers in a personal way that will keep them coming back time and again as well as referring you to friends too. A great way to build a relationship is to create a loyalty program that offers your customers prizes and rewards for continued loyalty to your store. Our Lamaze Prize draw would be a great competition to enter as £200 worth of stock is being given away and if you are the lucky winner then you could pass those toys onto your loyal customers.shaking hands How To Save Your Shop From Another High Street Statistic

3) Interact with your customers outside of your shop: You could let your business get involved with local children events or groups. You don’t have to be a big company to give to local groups; you can simply supply them with refreshments for their meetings, free prizes from your shop, etc… Make sure the groups you choose consist of potential customers. Looking online is a great way to find groups in your area.

4) Make a big deal about new products: When new products come into your store then use that as an excuse to do something special. You do not have to spend much money in putting a decorated table in your shop with the displayed product. Make sure to show your customers how the new product works and the benefits of them using it. This will bring in more traffic and your customers will start thinking of your store as the store with the latest products.




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