HUGE Selection of NEW Additions to Playmobil Range!

Leading baby and nursery wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, are pleased to announce that we have a HUGE selection of NEW Playmobil figures available now! Playmobil is an iconic brand, with decades of experience and a strong foothold within the toy industry. Since their first toys were created in the mid 1970s, the brand has gone strength to strength – inspiring children through play all across the globe. Suitable from 4 years, these toys are great for both independent and group play. Therefore, they’re not only great for use at home, but can also be a valuable addition to the toy box at preschools. Playmobil is also popular with adult collectors, with many grown-ups seeking new figures to add to their extensive collections. 

Our selection of Playmobil figures feature everything that makes them recognisable and lovable, with the trademark friendly smile setting them apart from everything else on the shelves. The new selection features a variety of different themes, from every day pet owners and families, to fantastical knights and warriors! This allows children to play creatively and use their imaginations to tell great stories. Playing with figures and playsets can help boost key skills – such as communication skillscritical thinking and fine motor skills

Playmobil figures are designed to be small and easy for children to hold, with simple designs that are recognisable and easy to understand. Key societal figures such as police or firefighters, as well as fantasy characters, are distinctive in their clothes and designs. Each set includes unique accessories to set the scene and help children build fun and engaging stories. 

Fans of the Old West will enjoy the Playmobil Bandit And Sheriff Duopack, which includes includes a sheriff with a hat, gold, and spurs, as well as a bandit with dynamite, a gun and bandana. These fun figures are perfect for creating a thrilling standoff. The Playmobil Special Plus: Warrior With Wolf is a fun pack of figures, featuring a cool warrior and his wolf companion. This will certainly allow children to create exciting and fantastical narratives. Children can also create a high adrenaline fire fighting adventure with the Playmobil Action Heroes: Firefighting Seaplane. This cool plane toy features buoyancy aids so it can float on water, making it great for bath time play! 

Children who prefer to make stories out of every day scenarios have plenty of options too. Figures such as the Playmobil Wedding Couple Duopack, the Playmobil Country Cat Family and the Playmobil Special Plus – Man In Bathtub are perfect for creating stories grounded in reality. Each set can be used to build and expand an engaging and entertaining Playmobil world, providing children with hours of creative fun!

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