Ideal Christmas Gifts: 10% Off Tomy Toys

Great news for toy store owners looking to stock up on fun bath toys for Christmas and Black Friday; Baby Brands Direct are offering 10% off selected Tomy toys until 12th December 2021!

For over 80 years, Japanese company, Tomy, have delighted children and their parents around the world with colourful, engaging toys that feature a range of activities and features to boost fun and learning. Their toy range includes a variety of nursery essentials for young babies and toddlers, as well as including toys for older children, so there’s something for all ages within the Tomy inventory. The brand offers quality, play value, and innovation – with affordable price points and great durability. 

Bath time is one of the perfect times for parents to play with their little ones. It’s around 30 minutes of dedicated bonding time where they can provide comforting touch and closeness as they wash their baby, as well as giving them the chance to see their baby explore new smells and sensations as they feel the water around them. It’s a great opportunity to add some extra fun and development to their nightly routine. Tomy’s bath toys are the perfect way to do this – with fun colourful characters that kids will love – as well as activities that help develop fine motor skills, puzzle solving and recognition of cause and effect. 

The Tomy Toomies Sing & Squirt elephant toy is an adorable option for a fun bath toy. Suitable from 18 months and up, this little elephant is small enough for little hands to handle, making him great for tactile exploration and developing fine motor skills. Kids can give his tummy a gentle squeeze and see the water squirt out of his trunk. Soft and pliable, he’s 100% waterproof and won’t grow mouldy! He’s not just a bath squirter though. Kids can press or squeeze on the musical note when they’re in or out of the bath to hear one of six random sounds!

The Tomy Toomies 3 in 1 Fishing Frenzy is a fun game that lets kids try to catch the little octopuses by their hoop with a cute little fishing rod. They can then stick the Octopals to the side of the bath or on the wall tiles using their suction pads and see how their tentacles spin round and round. For more fun, the fishing rod’s soft and squishy hand grip separates to provide kids with a water squirter. This fun, multi-purpose toy allows kids to fine tune their motor skills by encouraging them to interact with the toy in different ways with their hands. 

The Tomy Toomies Spin & Splash Octopals toy features a suction pad to stick it onto the bath, so kids can enjoy the spinning action. The mummy octopus sits in the middle and is a pouring cup, which can be used to fill up and shower her babies with water. Each one reacts in a different way, such as spinning, or swaying from side to side with a mini-fountain of water coming out! This allows kids to understand cause and effect as they will be able to see how their actions manipulate and change the flow of the water. 

Check out the Tomy brand page for more great toys, available to buy wholesale from Baby Brands Direct. We also have many more offers for our retailer customers to take advantage of, so check out the promotions page.