Disney Classic Plush Toys Range at Baby Brands Direct

Best sellers in the plush range from Posh Paws International are the quality large Disney teddies that make for special nursery room additions and ideal for the independent trade to differentiate their stock holdings. Our 24” Minnie Mouse is regularly a best-selling line, followed closely by Mickey Mouse and his friends Pluto and Donald. With the emerging new Disney movie Christopher Robbin, which features Winnie the Pooh and his friends, sales have also increased on the large 20”/ 50cm Tigger, Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh.

In view of the popularity of evergreen Disney characters in a slightly larger size, Baby Brands Direct has increased its wholesale offering to trade of its plush toys in the 35cm range to include the latest season’s arrivals of popular classic Disney characters.

These include the gorgeous Bambi, Dumbo, Dalmatian, Marie, Lady and Tramp. Both the Bambi soft plush and Dumbo teddy match beautifully with other Disney gift lines launched at Baby Brands Direct a fortnight ago including photo albums, frames, money boxes and keepsakes and could potentially pair up to make stunning baby gift hampers.

The manufacturer Posh Paws International is recognised for its high quality soft plush toys and hence it’s continued appointment by Disney for many years. These additional prized 35cm toys have deliberately been chosen without open store packaging making them much more affordable, environmentally friendly, and great for online sales and packaging with other items.

For little hands that want as many of their favourite Disney characters as possible, we have an assortment in 7″/17.5cm that also includes additional characters Thumper and Baloo.  This comes in a store display CDU of one of each character and 2 each of Dumbo, Marie and Thumper. 

Finally, in November this year Mickey and Minnie Mouse celebrate their 90th Anniversary and hence Disney have been releasing commemorative plush toys to mark the special birth.

We now have wholesale stock available to trade with volume discounts in the original styling toys of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They are in special retro packing as limited production runs and likely to be popular with collectors and those wanting to give an extra special gift.

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