Increased Supply of Mattel Toys

We have a plethora of new toys and brands from Mattel to entice trade customers with this week! Being a well-established distributor of Mattel’s Fisher-Price brand, we have continued to steadily increase the wholesale range available to our trade customers to include some of the higher age toy brands too.

Matchbox, originally a UK based manufacturer of die cast products and universally known for its high quality replica miniature vehicles is now owned by Mattel. It has a range of Jurassic World lisenced toys including replicas from its latest movie blockbuster – Fallen Kingdom. The range of vehicle toys is phenomenal! Firstly there is a die cast range of replicas as seen in the Jurassic World franchise that are bound to have movie fans, kids and collectors excited.

There’s also a superb range of toy ‘dinosaur transporter’ vehicles with acute detailing and with each coming with a figure dinosaur of its own to transport. There’s also a highly eye catching Deep Dive Submarine, that’s bathtub safe and has lights and space inside for 2 figures. It can float or sink depending on how the side tanks are filled. Kids will definitely look forward to bathtime with this product, so well worth stocking especially for parents looking to engage them at this time. 

Perhaps most awe inspiring are the technology backed remote controlled 2 toys in the Matchbox range, the Gyrosphere and Ragin Raptor set. As if straight out of the movie, kids can control the direction of the former sphere-shaped vehicle and participate in adventures of their own. The latter, remote jeep, a classic from the franchise, comes with Own and a Velociraptor that attaches to the side of the vehicle as kids control the vehicle movement. From Mattel’s range we have also included in the wholesale selection the classic dinosaur figures from Jurassic World and the latest movie release dinosaurs as seen in World Attack.

Following popular request, we have now launched the Imaginext brand by Mattel, known for a role-playing style of toys based on rescue themed playsets for kids 3yrs of age plus. One of the most popular divisions within the brand are the DC Super friends and Batman characters. Hence we have launched 3 lines including these, the Gotham city playset which has one of the key characters  Batman, Robin, Catwoman and The Joker with a matching and vehicle for hours of creative play and at a reasonable SRP encourages buy into all the sets.  The larger assortment includes different vehicles and the deluxe batmobile every child’s dream and comes with a batman figure and three projectiles and interactive parts!

With the popularity of Mattel figure dolls increasing at Baby Brands Direct, we have increased trade supply to include the Harry Potter characters in high articulation and ready for action. The students are in their Hogwarts uniforms with personalised wands and the professors come in their classic movie appearance too. We have also introduced the well-made Mattel figure dolls and collector WWE lines for those stores serving gift and collector consumers.

Within the Enchantimals range, we have increased the wholesale  line of accessories to compliment the comprehensive range of friendly dolls and their pets. There’s a gorgeous house that come with a ‘deer’ doll and pet and has plenty of room for friends and imaginative play, there’s also a lower price point option in the form of a beautifully decorative and captivating gazebo with ideal accessories for a summer party.

We hope our independent retailer partners will find some delightful toys that are suitable for ranging for their consumers. There are approximately 40 new lines from Mattel for A/W 2018 to choose from within our wholesale range at trade price. In total Baby Brands Direct distributes over 250 Mattel products which are kept in stock on site for a quick dispatch service.

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