Incredibles 2 by Lamaze – In Stock

In addition to the gorgeous plush toys by Posh Paws International we also have a new lines from soft toys manufacturer Lamaze including clip on toys, teethers and even a small playmat all featuring the Disney Incredibles 2 characters.

Clip on toys are a popular choice for parents enabling them to easily position a favourite toy close to baby such as on a bouncer or while out and about on a pram. The style of toys encourage little ones to reach out and grasp the toys while learning to interact with them. Lamaze is certainly well known and reputed for such toys with wonderful attention to detail such as having black and white prints on the character’s feet or underside of the toy so that in the early days when baby lies flat and looks up the bold print stimulates their vision appropriately.

The toys are also designed around stimulating other senses such as touch and hearing. They use soft satin fabrics, velour, felt and rougher textures all in one toy to encourage baby to touch and interpret that sense of feeling. The crinkle fabric also produces certain sounds that trigger that cause and effect but mainly stimulates their auditory senses at that stage.

The new Incredibles range not only offers such popular, recognisable characters of the moment but because the Incredibles are a family the range provides female and male role models as well kids and even a baby to associate with. In addition, to this and to encourage buy in of more than one character, each toy is designed with slightly different features, for example Edna has clacking rings whereas Mrs Incredible has a star shaped teether. The latter also favours with more motor skill development opportunity through its push pull legs. Mr Incredible quite a star of the show whilst he’s not actually in the spot light, adds humour through taking on the role of looking after the kids, and in toy format teach cause and effect through his retracting cord. The Raccoon delivers on colour and is likely to be most popular for little ones wanting more teething comfort. The Baby Jack-Jack, again completely unique, it has a peek a boo feature! Little ones will love lifting the crinkle sound textured flap and revealing the mirror to catch a glipse of themselves in! With a SRP of £14.99 these lovely take along toys are sure retail winners.

Two other unique toys the brand has brought to market are the 2 in 1 playmat and Raccoon teether. The former folds up into a friendly toy, and can be used as a book or opened up fully to form a little playmat, encouraging tummy time through exploration. There’s also a raccoon teether that’s easy to grasp and has multiple textures patterned onto its teething paws. Bright contrast colours also make it age appropriate for the stage of development. 


The clip below produced by Lamaze on their Incredibles 2 range gives an overview into the product range available at Baby Brands Direct:

Even without the Disney liscence these are must have toys, bursting with development opportunities, quality design and manufacture. Baby Brands Direct is a UK distributor of Lamaze toys (owned by Tomy) to independent retailers with approved account holders gaining access to stock at trade price whilst also benefiting from quick dispatch, loyalty credit and volume discounts!

Peter Henseler, President of TOMY International says “We are thrilled to bring the widely-recognised and sought-after Incredibles characters into our award-winning Lamaze toy brand. The rich storylines and robust creative and visual content that Pixar is known for give us so much to build this toy line upon. We are honoured to have the opportunity to develop the characters and themes from this successful franchise into engaging, developmental infant toys.”
If you haven’t seen the official trailer or movie yet then do view and enjoy the below clip and see why the Disney toys are going to prove to be in such high demand!