Innovative and Clever: Philips Avent’s Natural Response Baby Bottles

Baby bottles are essentials that every parent will buy. Baby bottles give parents flexibility while feeding their baby. Using bottles allow mums and dads to feed their child whenever the baby is hungry, rather than when mum is able to express breast milk. This makes night time feeds easier, and also helps to support a working mum’s busy schedule. By using baby bottles, the pressure to breast feed is reduced and parents can make the decision to use formula milk if they need or want to.

Bottles can easily be prepared in advance and warmed up when convenient. Bottles also give other members of the family, such as dad, grandparents or siblings, the chance to get involved with feeding baby – thus helping them bond with their little one. However, the sheer variety of bottles available can be a little overwhelming for both consumers and for retailers. That’s why leading wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, only stock the best bottles from the top brands, such as Philips Avent. 

Philips Avent is a globally renowned brand with a fantastic reputation, constantly innovating and creating high quality products that make parenting easier. Philips first made a huge impact within the baby industry in 1984 by launching the first anti-colic bottle. This new bottle was revolutionary, helping to reduce the air consumed whilst drinking milk and reducing the awful, painful symptoms of colic. After acquiring Avent in 2006, the brand has gone from strength to strength, establishing itself in a number of industries. 

Their range of Natural Response baby bottles are an excellent addition to the baby bottle market. These great bottles are designed to only let milk flow only when the child is actively sucking on the teat. This supports the natural suckling rhythm innate to baby, helping to replicate the feeding style of breastfeeding. The wide, soft and flexible silicone teat is also designed to mimic the shape and feel of a breast, which allows for easy latching on. With a natural feeling feeding experience, babies will feel more comfortable and calmer during the feed, as well as being more likely to accept the teat. This will help to make the process a lot more streamlined and efficient. 

As the teat is designed to release milk through the sucking motion, children are able to drink, swallow and breathe at their own pace. This reduces the risk of choking or swallowing too much. Therefore, children can easily regulate the amount of milk that they swallow, letting them feed comfortably and without stress. The self-closing teat also prevents drips and spills, so parents don’t need to worry about mess! 

Baby Brands Direct offer a great selection of Philips Avent Natural Response bottles and teats – including the Air Free models which include a vent that removes air from the milk, helping to reduce the symptoms of colic. We also have some Natural Response bottle sets available, which provide all the essentials that mums and dads need and are perfect gifts for new parents. Check out the range now!