Introductory #ABCs of Safety First

This brand’s tag line is ‘Discover Life Safely’.

A very apt statement within the nursery industry where everything is new to a youngster, who is of course full of energy and wanting to explore using all their senses the world that surrounds them! Naturally, there are risks at every step of discovery so products that reduce risk of injury are obvious items that serious nursery and pharmacy retailers should have available in stock.

Safety First products in particular design their products in line with baby’s age and its activities at each stage (Newborn, Crawler, Walker) as follows:

Newborn 0-6months

  • Sleeps considerably
  • Lifts head, grasps with hands
  • Sensitive to sounds
  • Needs products that offer safe, undisturbed sleep, contributing to healthy development

Crawler 6-12months

  • More active
  • Sits and crawls
  • Opens and shut things
  • Needs products that allow parents to create a space where baby can move about safely

Walker 12-24months

  • Wants to do things themselves
  • Walks and climbs
  • Explores constantly
  • Needs products that helps them be more independent and experience their environment safely

Their holistic approach to baby’s development and the safety needs that parallel each stage enable parents and retailers alike to return to the brand as baby grows and have co-ordinated, trusted branding throughout their environment.

The following image shows the products created for the key risk and activity areas in each environment within the home.


SafetyatHomeGuide Introductory #ABCs of Safety First
‘Discover Life Safely’ at Home with Safety First’s Products


For example the image shows the Nightlight being used in the bedroom, particularly useful when baby is newborn. As baby reaches crawler stage items like socket covers and cabinet locks become an essential in all the rooms he/she spends time in. When it reaches the walker stage, the fun really beings – items like gates, door slam stoppers, bedrails and highchairs come into their own.

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