Janod: The Joy of Wooden Toys

In a world of plastics and electronics, wooden toys are a welcome and refreshing addition to the toy market. These toys have timeless appeal, with a classic aesthetic and longevity of use that many electronic toys cannot offer. As they do not require batteries or have any parts that may stop working over time, they are great value for money and can be handed down between generations. They are often made from renewable resources and the lack of extra waste like used batteries means that they are more eco-friendly than other toys. They are particularly appealing to grandparents due to their nostalgic, classic looks that may be reminiscent of their own favourite childhood toy and make for wonderful gifts for christenings, birthdays or baby showers. 

While wooden toys are often a lot more simplistic than other toys available, this is no bad thing. These toys allow children to think creatively, use their imaginations and critical thinking skills and also help to develop role playing and communication skills. Fine motor and puzzle solving skills can be developed with shape sorters and stacking toys, while wooden musical instruments help introduce babies to sound and music. 

Janod’s range of wooden toys is extensive and attractive, with a large selection of beautifully designed products that are perfect toys and gifts for little ones. The brand was created in the 1970s and has developed a chic French sense of style over the years. Their products feature calming pastel colours and adorable animal designs, such as the Sophie La Girafe range which features a cute friendly giraffe character whose happy smiling face is sure to delight little ones. The Janod Sophie La Girafe Stackable Roly-Poly features neutral coloured rings and wobbles from side to side. Children will delight in taking off and stacking the chunky 6 wooden pieces.

The Janod Sweet Cocoon range is a beautifully coloured selection of unisex toys, with soft blues and yellows that will suit any nursery. The Janod Sweet Cocoon Shapes And Colours Dog is a wonderful way for kids to learn about shapes and colours. The aim of the activity toy is to turn the wheels to align identical shapes or those that are the same colour. The Janod Zigolos Balancing Game Flamingo is a funky balancing toy that features blocks designed to look like sleeping chicks. Kids can try to distribute the chicks along the wings of the flamingo without the chicks falling off, thus helping to improve problem solving skills.

The Janod Multi-Activity Cube is a colourful wooden activity cube with multiple activities on each of its four illustrated sides and topped with 3 fun looping games each adorned with colourful shapes and butterflies. This toy includes metal components for durability and helps children develop their concentration and motor movement. The Janod Zigolos Giant Multicolour Train is a 2-in-1 toy that helps to encourage walking and baby’s motor skills, while the multiple blocks help baby to learn shapes, colours and stacking.

Janod have a vast range of lovely wooden toys, available to buy wholesale through Baby Brands Direct. Check out the full range at the Janod brand page.