Just Launched: Beautiful Wooden Toys and Products from Janod

We’re happy to announce that we have some wonderful new lines from Janod available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct. Janod is a French brand that focuses on sleek designs and excellent innovative ideas. Their products are fun and quirky, recreating simple ideas for the tastes of the modern consumer. Items like the Janod WWF Balancing Coloured Sloths reinvent the humble balancing game with brightly coloured, adorable sloth figures and an attractive streamlined design. 

Janod’s range of wooden toys and products is decorated with eco friendly, water-based, baby safe paint. With friendly animals and cute illustrations, these items are sure to charm and delight consumers. Each product is packaged beautifully in stylish boxes that will look great on any store shelf and are perfect for presenting as gifts. 

With their new WWF range, Janod is supporting WWF’s efforts to protect the environment and biodiversity with a new range of toys made from more sustainable materials! These lovely new toys feature cute animals, sustainable wood and water-based paint that is friendly to the environment. This range is sure to inspire the next generation and encourage them to stand up for wildlife as they grow! The Janod WWF Koala Stacker And Rocker is a wonderful stacking toy that features a cute koala design and a muted, unisex colour palette that suits a modern home. This toy is ideal for developing children’s fine motor skills, agility and dexterity. The toy also tumbles around, righting itself automatically. The Janod WWF Push Along Rhino is a simple but effective toy that helps kids develop their motor skills and encourages movement. Its ergonomic handle is easy for little ones to hold!

Janod toys are designed to promote children’s development through play. These puzzles are perfect for boosting their problem solving and critical thinking skills. They’re also great for improving dexterity and hand-eye coordination. With a range of puzzles suitable for various ages, there’s something here for every child – from the 20 piece Janod Farm Animals Tactile Puzzle that features different textures for younger kids to touch, to the 200 piece Janod Educational Endangered Animals Puzzle that teaches older kids about wildlife around the world!

As well as smaller activity toys, Janod have a selection of items that are perfect for getting little ones to move around and build up important motor skills, as well as strength and dexterity. From attractive outdoor bikes to interactive walkers, Janod encourage active play and movement. The Janod Sweet Cocoon Multi-Activity Baby Walker also offers children 9 different ways to test their motor skills and dexterity: an abacus, a shape box, a maze, gears, a rotary switch with built-in sound, a “scratchy” button, a magnifying rotary mirror, a drum, and metal xylophone to develop their musical ear.

We also have some lovely new gifts from Janod, available now! The Penguin and Fawn moneyboxes are adorable, made from wood and featuring an easy to open hatch so little ones can easily access their saved money! These little gifts are perfect for birthdays and encourage kids to save their pocket money for something special! 

The Janod Galaxy music box is a wonderful product that helps soothe little ones. Perfect for boys, this space themed music box features lovely rocket and planet figures and is definitely a unique, stand out item.

There are lots of new Janod items available so check out the new products page to see everything available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct!