Just Launched: Diono’s New Travel Accessory Range!

Great news, Baby Brands Direct have just launched the latest lines in Diono’s range of car safety products and travel accessories! With a love for design and an understanding of modern parenting, Diono strive to create amazing products that keep kids safe, while also being fun and exciting!

Diono’s range of travel mirrors help parents keep an eye on their little one while travelling in the car, ensuring that they can see that they’re safe and comfortable throughout the journey.

The new Easy View mirrors in the range feature adorable animals that kids will love – as well as the Easy View XXL which gives parents a larger view of what’s happening in the back seat. 

The new colourful sun shades help keep baby protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, as well as reducing heat in the back seat without blocking passenger visibility.

Featuring clearly visible text and bright colours that can be seen from a distance, the Baby on the Move signs are perfect for letting other drivers know that there is a baby on board, encouraging them to drive safely and keep their distance.

The Diono Cuddle Soft 2-in-1 head support is a comforting body support for babies. Made from super soft fabric, this car support is cosy and warm, giving kids a secure and comfortable experience when travelling. The nested design supports their delicate head, shoulders and torso. 

We also have some new seatbelt wraps that help keep the rough edges of the seatbelt from rubbing against baby’s skin. Made from super-soft fabric, and memory foam the Diono padded Soft Wraps provide additional comfort to every journey.

Baby Brands Direct are the exclusive wholesalers for Diono in the independent sector, so check out our new products page, or the Diono brand page, to view the full range.