Just Launched – New Lines from Tommee Tippee!

Baby Brands Direct are pleased to announce that we’ve just launched some exciting new lines from globally renowned brand, Tommee Tippee, now available to buy wholesale! Tommee Tippee is an industry leader in numerous nursery categories, always seeking to innovate and develop their products to suit the ever changing market and to keep up with the needs of modern parents. 

The new range includes fun teethers that will soothe little one’s gums. Made from chewable medical grade silicone, Tommee Tippee Kalani teethers are covered in textured surfaces that help relieve teething pain and distract baby through play and exploration. These teethers are brightly coloured and owl-shaped, so little one will find them engaging. They’re anti-static too, so don’t attract dust!

The new Tommee Tippee Dreamee baby monitor is also available now. This video, sound and motion baby monitor helps give parents peace of mind while their baby sleeps, by allowing them to watch and listen to them from anywhere in their home, without disturbing baby’s sleep. It includes a 360° night-vision camera that parents can view from a high definition screen, a movement sensor pad and the ability to play lullabies and sounds to help soothe baby back to sleep!

The Tommee Tippee 3 in 1 Pregnancy Pillow is also a great new item that is designed to make parenting life easier. This pregnancy and breastfeeding support pillow is designed to offer comfort and support when mum’s pregnancy bump makes it tricky to find a comfortable sleeping position. It is designed to support bump, hips and legs, enabling mums to get a good night sleep. And once baby arrives, this extra large, soft and contoured pillow is ideal to support baby as mum breast or bottle feeds. 

Tommee Tippee have also launched a new range of breast pads for breastfeeding mums. After seeing a gap in the market for different sized breast pads, Tommee Tippee developed their Made for Me pads to cover a range of sizes to suit individual mums’ needs. These new pads come in small, medium or large sizes, so mums can pick the option that works best for them and offers them maximum protection and comfort. There is also a handy cup size guide on the back of the packaging to help mums make their choice. While the small and medium options are available in packs of 40, the large pads are available in packs of 24, 40 and 100, allowing the consumer even more options. This is a great range to offer customers, as Tommee Tippee have identified and worked to solve an issue that consumers face when buying breast pads.  

As well as these items, new weaning accessories, breast pumps and bottles are also available! Check out the new products page for the full range of new Tommee Tippee items – available to independent retailers now.