Just Launched: New NUK Lines – Soothers, Sterilisers and More!

Leading baby and nursery wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, is excited to announce the arrival of some fantastic new NUK lines! 

NUK is the best-selling baby brand in Germany and is sold in 116 countries worldwide, with a great reputation and brilliant products designed in accordance with expert advice and research. NUK is the only brand to offer soothers that have been approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.  NUK soothers have teats with an orthodontic shape that adapts to the baby’s mouth and trains lips, tongue and facial muscles. This promotes healthy development of teeth and jaws, while the flat shape prevents pressure points and stops the soother from falling out of the baby’s mouth. 

The new range includes soothers with attractive Winnie the Pooh motifs. This recognisable and classic character adds appeal to the product, as many parents will have grown up with the character so may feel an element of nostalgia. There are also some great night time soothers that feature glow in the dark designs to help little one – or parents- find their soother at night. The glow is also comforting for babies who like to sleep with a nightlight. 

Soother chains are a great way to ensure baby’s soothers don’t go missing or get dirty. They can be clipped easily to baby’s clothes, ensuring that they can always find their soothers when they need them! These chains feature adorable Disney designs, with popular characters, such as Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse, that will appeal to mums and dads!

The new range also includes two sterilisers and a new baby food warmer! The stylish and streamlined NUK Vario Express Steam Steriliser gently sterilises baby bottles with steam – removing 99.9 per cent of germs using no chemicals at all. It features six repositionable rods and a the basket for accessories, which can be arranged as required. Once switched on, the electric NUK Steriliser heats up and boils the water. In the heat of the steamy atmosphere of over 90°C, the germs are killed! If unopened, these remain germ-free in the appliance for up to 24 hours.

The NUK Micro Express Plus Microwave Steam Steriliser sterilises baby bottles, their accessories (except soothers) and breast pump parts in just four minutes, making it perfect for busy parents. Using steam, it can sterilise up to four 300 ml wide-necked bottles at the same time and, thanks to the clever holder, the bottles are in the correct position for drying properly.

The NUK Thermo Express bottle and food warmer is perfect for all parents, as in just 90 seconds baby’s milk or food will be gently warmed to the right temperature with all the important nutrients and vitamins retained!  As soon as the filled quantity of water has evaporated, the appliance automatically switches itself off for safety and reduced energy consumption. The bottle warmer is suitable for all standard baby glass jars and bottles.

Check out the new products page for all new items, or head to the NUK brand page to view more of the range!