Lansinoh breastfeeding awards

Lansinoh Feed With Confidence Campaign

The distinctive purple packaging with turquoise branding is well known and respected in the baby industry as an authority on products to aid Mum in comfortable breastfeeding as well as in supporting bottle feeding.

Lansinoh is a brand behind countless award winning baby feeding products since the launch of its must have pure Lanolin cream in 1848 and has taken on the mission to increase breastfeeding rates in the UK by giving mums the confidence to feed their baby whenever and wherever they need. As part of this they have pioneered an opportunity for the public to nominate and vote for people or businesses that have supported women or continue to contribute to make this possible. In recognising these people or places they hope to encourage awareness and more support towards women on their breastfeeding journey. The 2019 awards, ‘Feed with Confidence’ is now open.

Lansinoh Cream Supplier

As part of their focus on this initiative Lansinoh carried out a national survey to 1,000 new mums and found that only 10% of mums would consider posting a picture of themselves breastfeeding on social media, instead preferring to share intimate pictures of themselves of their baby’s birth (22%), scan (55%), bump (49%) and positive pregnancy test (19%). Over a third of mums don’t feel confident enough to breastfeed in public and 60% of mums say it makes them feel anxious or embarrassed.  The research also found that new mums rely on Facebook (33%) and Instagram (24%) for breastfeeding support, more than their partners at 19%. In addition, a quarter (25%) of women said they would consider breastfeeding for longer if they felt less judged for doing it in public. The brand really wants to change these statistics and give mums the confidence to share photos of themselves breastfeeding on social media and not feel anxious or embarrassed about breastfeeding in public.

Lansinoh Latch Assist

Lansinoh is a staple baby brand that all good nursery and pharmacy retailers should offer to their consumers. In particular, they offer fantastic breast-feeding aids such as the latch assist, which as the name indicates helps in cases of a flat or inverted nipple to help baby achieve a good, comfortable latch on. There’s also the new breast-feeding support pillow, that is designed with a completely new take – the pillow slides onto the Mother’ arm rather than around the waist which is particularly advantageous for Mums who have had a C-Section. It also allows Mum to nature position baby rather than leaning over, which can help protect the back. Other fantastic aids include the lanolin cream, nipple shields that are available in 20mm and 24mm, best-selling nursing pads (as seen in HRH Catherine’s shopping trolley), alongside hand milk savers including the breast milk collector and milk storage bags.

The brand also engages in social media marketing which helps re-enforce the brand’s relevance with the target audience and ultimately support sell through. A recent campaign for Mother’s Day (31st March 2019) in which their objective was to celebrate each Mum by asking their audience to write an open letter to themselves about what they feel they have achieved as a Mum. Their Instagram, Facebook and website were used to invite and showcase these letters in a multitude of formats including video. Of their audience, including mum-influencers they have a reach of around 87,000 and its campaign reinforces their sense of belonging and unity within its community.

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Retailers can nominate advocates now and of course spread the word about the awards in a bid to continue to support breastfeeding mums to have the confidence to feed their babies wherever and whenever required.

Lansinoh 2019 awards breastfeeding