Lansinoh Glass Bottles Wholesale

Baby Brands Direct is delighted to announce the availability of Lansinoh glass bottles added to its wholesale range of products to retailers. Consumer awareness and importance put on environmentally friendly products has grown phenomenally in recent times. This is also supported by government initiatives, and on Monday this week the European Commission proposed banning single-use plastic products and putting the burden of cleaning up waste on manufacturers in an effort to reduce marine litter.

Lansinoh’s latest product release is a glass bottle; the material of which is prized as one of the best  for drinking as there is no molecular transfer of any kind between the contents of the bottle and the bottle itself. In addition to this, it’s also better for the environment as its 100% eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. As a brand whose ethos centres around helping Mum switch easily between breast and bottle to support maintaining established breastfeeding patterns this additional choice is significantly welcome at this time. In particular, the Lansinoh glass feeding bottle is made from a special type of material called borosilicate glass which is less dense and more resistant to high temperatures. 

The bottles style gently curved sides and includes the NaturalWave teat. These have been based on extensive research that revealed that a baby’s sucking style is very different to an adult’s and involves three key steps – latching on, the peristaltic tongue movement (in which your baby’s tongue moves in a wave-like motion), and swallowing. The critical step is the peristaltic tongue movement as it encourages natural oral and jaw development which is what the Lansinoh’s NaturalWave® teat has been clinically proven to encourage.

The bottles are available in 160ml and 240ml, and are easy to clean and sterilise. Each bottle is individually packaged too, which is helpful in transportation and in store display. Also just added to the range is an additional size in the contact nipple shields now available in both 20mm and 24mm. These are an idea aid for mothers experiencing short term latching challenges, particularly related to premature, small, ill infant, flat or inverted nipples, tongue and/or lip tie, or overactive let-down. Baby Brands Direct has been a distributor of Lansinoh baby products to trade for over 6yrs and continues to be a very popular choice with pharmacies and baby specialist retailers.