Lansinoh’s New Product Arrivals to the Independent Trade

This week we have 3 new products from leading baby feeding brand Lansinoh that supports breast feeding Mothers.

The solution led products starts with the breastmilk collector which has been engineered to deliver solutions to two key issues for breastfeeding Mums. Firstly 91% of Mum’s report collecting let-down breastmilk from the opposite breast during nursing to be a difficultly. Secondly, they find the spillage of precious breast milk to be a cause of anxiety for them. The Lansinoh Breastmilk Collector fits securely to the breast creating a natural suction and offers a simple way to collect milk. It has a spout to aid in the decanting of expressed breastmilk with a breast cushion that is designed to fit all breast shapes and sizes.  It also has a suction base and neck strap to prevent spills and has a secure seal for easy hand-free suction.

The multi award winning baby brand has also launched its first breastfeeding pillow – with a difference to the ones currently available in the industry. Their research found that a poor latch and positioning could cause nipple pain for Mum and unnecessary reflux for baby. They also observed that leaning over could also cause back and neck problems for Mum. Hence the pillow has been designed to encourage 2 types of hold – cradle hold or football hold. The pillow is designed so that Mum can insert one arm through the pillow to support and position baby. Lansinoh’s key claims about the product are that it helps the comfortable position, latch and feeding of baby, is very compact and portable as well we being perfect for C-Section tummies. It is also ideal for retailers with physical stores as it is compact on shelf.

Lansinoh supplierThe third product has received much publicity and media coverage following its launch in 2018 and following a period of exclusivity is now available to the independent sector. The new Lansinoh single electric breast pump is simple to use with an intuitive interface. Modernised, it has a LED back light to indicate suction level. Comfort is a key factor in its design, having an adjustable suction and rhythm that mimics the way baby naturally feeds in order to maximise milk production. It also has 5 adjustable suction levels so Mum can tailor to suit her comfort. The item is also lightweight and has a USB power adapter that makes it ideal for use at home or overseas or while travelling.

Lansinoh is an outstanding brand which started with the launch of its Lanolin cream, sales of which have now exceeded 170 million units. Baby Brands Direct is a nominated UK distributor of the brand and supplies its products at trade price to independent baby, nursery and pharmacy retailers. Customers can also take advantage of volume discounts, special offers, quick dispatch, no minimum value or size orders as well an an easy to use online account management facility.

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