Leap Frog NEW AW Toy Arrivals

Leap Frog toys have become a staple in many households, known for their educational and interactive features. These toys are designed to engage children in a fun and interactive way through the use of electronic components to help them develop essential skills while they play. Well known products within their range include the LeapPad tablets, which introduce children to early reading and math concepts, the LeapStart activity books that encourage learning through interactive stories and games and LeapFrog toys that make education enjoyable. NEW for AW 2023 are 6 new lines at Baby Brands Direct from Leap Frog for independent retailers to access at trade price.

Making learning really fun is the Leap Frog Match & Learn Biscuits™. 4 mode buttons incorporate biscuit baking to make learning more fun! In ABC mode if you remove a biscuit you will learn its letter name, place it back into the slot on the biscuit tray to learn its sound. In decorate mode learn about the flavour of the biscuit and the colour of its icing. In the biscuit quiz find the letters you are being asked to find to make a word related to baking! In song mode sing along and play along to the biscuit song. Learning about letters has never been sweeter.

There are 2 great new toys that fall within the role play category. The Leap Frog Rainbow Learning Lights Mixer™, that encourages little ones to count ingredients as they add them to the mixing bowl, whilst rewarding them with magical colour changes in the mixing bowl as they turn on the mixer. They can also hear songs about counting, colours, baking and fun!

Pizza is a favourite here at Baby Brands Direct, so the Leap Frog Build-a-Slice Pizza Cart™ is recommended! A toy with great potential (similar to the role play value of the ice cream cart), it has 30+ role play pieces, encouraging learning about numbers, colours, shapes and more as they play. It is packed with fun sounds, songs, Italian phrases and more!

The tried and tested, Leap Frog Mr. Pencil’s® Scribble, Write & Read™ is also back in stock in its refresh version (LPF-TOY16). This comes with a large screen and stylus, and helps little ones to practise forming letters, numbers and shapes. What’s more, the device automatically adjust to the child’s abilities so they are constantly achieving whilst providing longevity of product use.

We all know little ones love to feel grown up, and this hand held device is bound to tick those boxes. The Leap Frog Slide to Read™ includes 13 double-sided flashcards that explore letters, objects and sounds.

Last but certainly not least in the new arrivals at Baby Brands Direct, is the Leap Frog Magic Adventures Telescope™. A real telescope that can be used to see the moon and stars at night, its perfect of little astronomers. In addition, they can explore the solar system, the moon, star life cycles, constellations and space discoveries with the built in Images and videos provided by NASA. There’s also a game for fun dodging hazards and learning cool facts in space.

There’s so much to be excited about stocking in the run up to Christmas this year with such innovative products that keeping getting better and better! With a wide range of age-appropriate options available, Leap Frog toys provide endless opportunities for children to learn, explore, and grow. Parents can feel confident in choosing Leap Frog toys as they are designed with a focus on educational content and quality, ensuring that children not only have fun but also develop important skills along the way. Log in now to explore the range, review prices and place orders!