Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Gate Is Evening Standard’s Top Pick!

The Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Gate was recently chosen as the Evening Standard’s top pick in their article on the best stair gates for babies and toddlers on the market. The article placed this particular baby gate over the others they’d picked, citing it as being one of the most popular, most highly rated and most purchased options, after conducting a poll to gain feedback from mums. 

The fact that the gate arrives fully assembled was a highlight, as mums found it easy to install and didn’t have to use tools to mount it in place. The reviewer also liked the inclusion of Lindam’s pressure indicator which enables parents to see when the gates are fitted correctly and securely. The Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Gate was cited as being easy to use. The release that can be opened with one hand and the option to extend the gate were also mentioned as great features of this model. 

The Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Gate was also featured in an article on Expert Reviews’ website, being named the ‘Best Stair Gate for Young Children’. The article also named the Lindam’s Sure Shut Axis Gate as the ‘Best Pressure-Fit Stair Gate’, complimenting the model’s four-point pressure-fit frame, which ensures stability and reliability without needing to be permanently mounted to the walls. They also pointed out the easy to open latch on the gate, as well as the double lock, which helps keep the gate securely closed and stops little ones escaping. 

Stair gates are one of the essential items parents need when their baby begins to start moving independently. As their little one starts to explore the world around them, they do so without knowing about the potential dangers that surround them. Stair gates help parents ensure their home is baby and toddler proof, keeping their little one safe and secure in one room and away from stairs or kitchens which contain numerous dangers. They’re also great for pet owners, so even people without children may seek out a top rated product to keep their beloved dogs from roaming the house. 

Lindam is a brand with a great reputation and their range of award winning gates are perfect for busy parents who want something easy to use, effective and reliable. The Lindam Sure Shut Porte Gate is another great example of the brand’s high quality design. The gate features a ‘push to shut’ closing mechanism, which allows parents to just give a firm push to click it into the closed position, great for one-handed use. The Lindam U-shaped pressure fit ‘powerframe’ provides extra stability, while a two way opening system and secondary locking mechanism provide added safety. The gate also features wider walk-through areas so parents can easily walk through the gate. Lindam also have a variety of different extensions for their gates, allowing parents to customise their gate to fit the required space. These extensions are easy to attach and stable and secure. 

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