Look Out! Schleich Products on TV!

Keep your eyes peeled – Schleich Horse Club and Dinosaurs ranges will be advertised on TV from 5th to 25th April! These figures and playsets will be shown on a number of popular channels, including Milkshake, Nick Jr and CITV, in ad breaks. They will also be doing a push on Youtube as well, in anticipation of their UK store reopening on 12th April. As this falls over the Easter holidays, kids and parents alike will be at home, most likely watching more TV than usual – so the interest for these products is likely to increase! Schleich figures and playsets are available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct, so make sure you have some in stock for the next few weeks! 

We have a number of figures from the Schleich Dinosaur range available – from the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex to the formidable Brontosaurus. These figures feature highly detailed designs, with realistic colours, textured scales and life-like proportions. There are also some exciting playsets available as well – such as the Schleich Quad Escape From Velociraptor, which includes a quad bike for high octane adventures and the Schleich Large Dino Research Station, which allows kids to act out scientific experiments on their dino friends. These sets are perfect for young boys who want thrilling play time adventures.

For young girls, the Schleich Horse Club range is perfect. We offer some beautiful horse figures, such as the dappled Schleich Pura Raza EspaƱola Mare and purebred Schleich Andalusian Stallion, that are sure to enchant any young horse fan. The Schleich Large Horse Stable With House And Stable is a wonderful playset that features all the charm and play opportunities of a doll house but includes horse themed fun as well. With lots of figures and accessories, this is perfect for imaginative play. The Schleich Big Horse Show With Horses playset allows kids to host their own event! The elements of the playset can be arranged in different ways each time and features various obstacles – such as flags, trees and markings.

Check out the Schleich brand page for the full range of dolls and playsets available to buy wholesale from Baby Brands Direct.