Made For Mums 2024: Award Winners!

The Made For Mums 2024 award winners were recently announced and several of the products available at Baby Brands Direct have won accolades in this prestigious award ceremony. Made For Mums picks the best products on the market and gives them to real parents to test and rate. Therefore, the views of actual mums and dads are taken into account and used to pick the winners! 

Check out our winning products and what parents had to say about them below: 

Best Cup/Beaker

Bronze – MAM Starter Cup & Glow Handles

MAM cups are always popular with mums and dads. The parent tester said that the cup has a “nice ergonomic design and my baby loved it.” They also felt that the “glow in the dark handles is a great touch.” 

Best Weaning and Feeding Product

Bronze – Vital Baby NOURISH Weaning & Feeding Range

Vital Baby’s brightly coloured weaning range always does well in awards, proving popular with parents. The Made For Mums parent tester tried the range with their 7 month old and said that “the range definitely makes our life easier, from the easy hold spoons (with the ridges to ensure they don’t touch the table top) to the suction bowls.” They also liked that the pots could be used for “transporting food for feeding on the go, and all items are very easy to clean.”

Best New Parent Skincare and Toiletries
Best Breastfeeding Product

Gold — Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream

Lansinoh’s highly popular nipple cream won two awards in this year’s ceremony! One tester mum said that she “loves the versatility” and the fact “you can use on any dry skin” – as well as the fact it’s safe for baby. Another mum said that the cream “was vital in getting me through the first few days of establishing breastfeeding. I prefer the texture of this over cheaper alternatives. It was smooth and easier to use, and I could feel the benefit as soon as it was applied.”

Best Soother and Dummy

Gold — MAM Night Soother Range

MAM soothers are highly sought after, having won many awards previously. Now the brand can add another to their list for their MAM night soothers! The parent tester tested these soothers with their 6 month old and said “my baby took right away to his new MAM soother, and it certainly made our lives easier with the glow in the dark button”, adding that the soother “saved a lot of time and stress in the middle of the night.”

Best Manual Breast Pump and Milk Collecting Product

Gold – Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

Lansinoh’s Breastmilk Storage Bags are very handy for portioning breastmilk and storing it for later. The parent tester, who used these bags to portion milk for her 9 month old said “These make it so easy to store multiple bags of breastmilk, as the bags store flat so you can stack them without using up loads of space.” She also added that being able to label the milk was “very useful as you can add the date, time, amount of milk and name of the child, which will be perfect for when my baby goes to nursery.”

Best Steriliser

Gold — Milton Cold Water Steriliser

Milton has been a popular brand for many years, helping parents keep their home and baby’s equipment clean and hygienic. The test parent loved the product and said that the Cold Water Steriliser is “an inexpensive alternative to an electric or microwave steriliser. The Milton tablets leave no residue, and no strong smell. I loved that you could just keep adding items to sterilise within the 24-hour window, instead of having to wait until you have a full load of bottles.”

Gold — Vital Baby NURTURE Advanced Pro UV Steriliser

Vital Baby’s Advanced Pro UV Steriliser has been popular in many awards previously, so it’s not a surprise that it made the cut this time too! The test mum said that “it is very quiet as it works its magic to make things safe for baby” adding that it is “very quick to sterilise items, taking only 7 minutes using the sterilise-only function. It is also very sleek and versatile as you can sterilise non-baby items.”

Silver — Dr. Brown’s Steam Bottle Steriliser and Dryer

Dr Brown’s is a very popular brand, with decades of experience making safe and functional baby and nursery products. The parent tester said that the steriliser “was easy to set up and very easy to use, especially if you’re used to a microwave steriliser. The bottles are beautifully sterilised and dried and their appearance is much better than with a microwave steriliser. Very well made and of the high quality I’d expect from Dr Brown’s.”

Best Baby Bottle

Bronze — Dr. Brown’s Flora & Fauna Bottle Collection

Another win for Dr Brown’s, parents loved these cute and colourful bottles from the brand – complete with their famous anti-colic vent. The parent tester tested the bottles with their 5 month old and said “they are very well made and built to last; the shape seems more elegant and easier to hold. The pictures on the bottles are very cute and my 5 month old did seem interested in them – his older brother really liked them.”

Best Breast Pads

Bronze – Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads

In the words of parent tester Holly, who tested this with their 4 month old: “I’ve had zero leaks using these breast pads; even after wearing them to bed and my baby having an unexpectedly long sleep, my pyjamas and sheets were still dry. Yes, you can get own-brand ones cheaper, but if you want optimum comfort, these are definitely worth the money.”

Best Nappy Changing Accessory

Gold — Vital Baby HYGIENE odour-trap nappy disposal system

In the words of parent tester Han, who tested this with their 1 year old: “This bin is very high quality – it does the job perfectly by trapping odours, germs and bacteria, and holds a lot of nappies. I found it’s very easy to use, and it’s definitely worth the money compared with other brands where you’re constantly buying refills.”

Editor’s Choice 2024

MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles

MAM’s popular anti-colic bottles were one of the winners of the Editor’s Choice awards this year, with Made For Mums stating that parents absolutely love them! The parent tester tested the bottles with their 5 month old and said “I found these bottles extremely easy to use. The lids are easy to pop on and off and the self sterilising function is very handy especially when visiting friends and family or even when I wanted to sterilise quickly on it’s own. There are clear instructions in the box which I found were simple to understand.”