MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles: Loved By Parents!

MAM’s Easy Start Anti-Colic bottles have been best-selling products for a number of years, going through various pattern and colour redesigns to keep them fresh and in line with current trends. The range of bottles recently won the Editor’s Choice award at the Made for Mums 2024 Awards, due to the overwhelming positivity from parents who had tried the bottles out with their children. 

Made for Mums said that “the comments from our home testers spoke for themselves: parents love these bottles!” They added that 60% of all the parents who had taken part in their testing for this year’s awards “use or planned to use MAM bottles as part of their feeding journey” – which is a huge indicator of the bottles’ appeal with mums and dads!

Made for Mums went on to give further detail about what had made these bottles so popular and appealing, using feedback given to them by real parents. They said that MAM’s “self-sterilising feature is the real winner here: the bottles can be disassembled, washed, stacked and sterilised in the microwave with a tiny bit of water in just a few minutes.” They also said that the “SkinSoft silicone teat was also a hit” and cited the vented bottle base as another popular feature. The base is designed to help regulate pressure and airflow, reducing colicky symptoms. Made for Mums finished by saying that the MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottles are a “reliable option if you’re new to bottle feeding and don’t know where to start.”

Leading wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, offers our wholesale customers a huge selection of MAM’s Easy Start Anti-Colic bottles. These beloved bottles come in a variety of soft pastel colours, with adorable animal motifs that parents and children will love. The bottles also come in different sizes to best suit different ages and appetites, with 130ml, 160ml and 260ml bottles available. MAM bottles are sold in multipacks, ensuring parents have access to more than one bottle for convenience. 

Each bottle features the signature MAM SkinSoft teat which is designed to mimic the feel of the mother’s breast to make the transition from breast to bottle easier and more streamlined. The teats boast a 94% acceptance rate, so parents are likely to achieve success when introducing these bottles into their feeding routine. The vented base has been found to help 80% of babies to inhale less air when drinking, resulting in reduced rates of colic and regurgitation. The bottles’ self-sterilising feature may mean that parents can save space in the kitchen, as it reduces the need for a steriliser. It’s also handy for families that are away from home or on the go, as they can easily sterilise their bottle with access to a microwave.

For independent retailers looking for a bottle range that will be a best-seller, the MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic range is an excellent range to start with. These bottles are sought after and very popular with mums and dads. Register today with Baby Brands Direct to purchase MAM bottles and other baby products from leading brands at competitive wholesale prices.