MAM ‘s Marketing Strategy 2018

MAM continues to be a growing feeding brand closing the market share gap with leading rival brands in both the bottle and soother category.  It is estimated that globally over 50million MAM purchases are made by discerning parents each year so independents should be sure to obtain stock for their store at the best prices, from wholesaler Baby Brands Direct.

At the heart of MAM are its principles. They state, ‘Parents are demanding. We at MAM are too. That’s why, for over 35 years, we’ve been developing products along with experts from medicine, research & technology that are unique in function and design, support the individual development of every child and make everyday baby life easier.’

They have accumulated international award successes, and here in the UK have over 40 awards won in the last 5 years! MAM currently holds 61 creative and technological patents, 273 design patents and 8 utility patents. They are further members of 8 international scientific and standardization committees. Peter Röhrig, Founder of MAM, said: “All our products are designed by a team of medical experts to help make parenthood that little bit easier.”

MAM’s growth has been focused in its key categories: Soothers and Bottles. It has experienced growth of 15.2% (higher than anyone else in the market) of its soother and seen the brand overtake market position of long established brand Philips Avent as the 2nd biggest brand with a 25.2% share of the market. Interestingly, in 2015, MAM commission a study that resulted in showing the statistically significant benefits of using the MAM Perfect soothers over conventional soothers. It proved that the MAM Perfect soother supports healthy teeth and jaw development by minimising the risk of malocclusions such as an increased overbite (overjet) as well as an open bite; which resulted in offering reassurance to healthcare professionals working with parents of babies and toddlers who are using a soother. Some years on, the strength of such results filters into the sales, attracts repeat purchase and also new buyers.

MAM bottles have also experience remarkable growth in recent years; sometimes hitting 100% quarterly growth figures and now has around 14% of the market share. It has excelled in front of Dr. Brown’s, NUK and own brand labels and almost equal to its rival Philips Avent. The MAM acceptance claim that ‘94% of Babies accept the MAM SkinSoft™ Teat’ as tested with 1508 babies is a great credit to its range of bottles and further supports the outcome of the MAM bottles being the fastest growing baby bottle in the market.  

They state, ‘We believe in up to date research with a large amount of testers to really make our claims stand out from the rest. So an additional home use test study on our Easy start anti colic Bottle  was conducted in Germany to check that nothing has changed and update our research figures. So now our 94% teat acceptance claim has been tested on over 1500 babies!’ Between June 2009 and June 2017, MAM conducted 11 baby bottle surveys in the United Kingdom, America, Germany and Austria. Overall, 1508 mothers tested the MAM bottles with the MAM SkinSoft™ Silk Teat with their babies, all of which were new-born to 18 months old.

Some of the advancement of the brand is not just the great product functionality but also attributable to a successful marketing campaign that is expansive in its channels to consumer. MAM spends in the region of £1.5million annual in the UK on above the line marketing and its other co-ordinated awareness activities. These are explored further in this article to help retailers gain an insight into the pull through demand being instigated.

Key areas of marketing including heavy sampling of some 260,000 samples annually, targeted to pregnant Mum’s resulting in 1 in 3 U.K. pregnant Mums’ receiving a free MAM sample to try. These touch points include 10 Baby Shows per annum where the MAM team are able to explain the USPs of their products directly to expecting parents, sample to 58,000 mums and also includes the presence of midwife Katie Hilton. They also sample through HCP’s partnership, Babycentre, Emma’s Diary, Bounty, Baby Club sites and Mother and Baby. For in store, they have also continued to invest in ‘touch and learn’ displays following their introduction in 2017.

The firm also boasts a strong social media presence with nearly 300,000 Facebook fans and an average monthly reach of 10 million strong relevant audience. It also interacts through Twitter, Instagram (40million followers) and YouTube. MAM also works with bloggers, its efforts with vloggers are based on a soft but powerful market influence. It has 80 bloggers signed up who test and review products online and give honest information for consumers to read and is currently is achieving 4million impressions throughout the year.

 MAM’s official brand and information video can be seen here:

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