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MAM Latex Teats, Oral Care Solution and Expanded Bottle Selection Available To Trade

MAM Latex Air Soothers Supplier
Latex Teat Soother supplier

This week at Baby Brands Direct we are really pleased to be able to launch the new soother range brought to market by MAM that feature latex teats. A niche but growing interest among Mothers for latex over silicone teats means independent stores can tap into that revenue stream with the support of the UK’s market share growth leader in the soother category, MAM. The latex material is a more nature material and preferred by some for its more realist texture, it’s also tougher and therefore more bite resistant. The orthodontic teat is available within their night (glow in the dark motif) in 0m+, 6m+ and 12m+ and also available in the night air style in 6m+ and 12m+ in a choice of pink and blue.

Also available on the wholesale platform now are the extra soft bottle spouts that help with the transition from bottle to cup, they are compatible with all MAM bottles so super helpful in adding longevity to a product and a great add on for retailers offering feeding lines.

MAM tooth brushes supplier
MAM massaging brush supplier

Particularly refreshing is the launch of a 3-stage solution to oral care development available to trade. Progressing from the Oral Care Rabbit, that facilitates that swipe of plaque and bacteria from baby’s mouth is the Massaging Brush. This introduces brushing and has textured sides to help massage sensitive gums. The next tooth brush up is a training brush with an extra long handle so that guardians can help guide the motion of brushing and finally for independent brush there is a baby’s brush. The latter 2 brushes have a quantity of red bristles that help indicate the amount of toothpaste required too. They each also have an adjustable safety shield to prevent them going too far, as well as an anti slip and ergonomic handle for easy grip.

The handy MAM 2 pack soother clips in pink and blue are going through a rolling motif update and unfortunately will be going up a tad in price. The new version in grey has been launched at the new price point and offers an on trend, unisex colouring that allows the fabulous MAM motifs to stand out.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle Supplier

The Easy Start bottles remain popular at BabyBrandsDirect, and that’s no surprise given their anti-colic and self-sterilising design with market attested results including the 94% teat acceptance rate. Hence, the 160ml triple pack is now available in ivory with the gorgeous neutral Zebra motif alongside the existing pink and blue versions. Similarly, the neutral version of the easy active bottle 330ml has been added in a trendy grey with a smart, non-baby motif in grey and turquoise.

MAM Bottle and Microwave Set

Many retailers also see the benefit that the feeding starter sets offer consumers in terms of having the decisions made for them in what the basic starting requirements are but also in terms of product cost savings and not so obvious yet still relevant the packaging and postage impact. Hence retailers can obtain supply of 3 additional sets, opening up new price points and one of which including the latest MAM microwave steriliser. The very affordable entry price point, welcome to the world set has been added in the neutral grey with on trend penguins alongside the pink and blue.

The MAM crystal soother is also available in solids of pink and blue wholesale at Baby Brands Direct – following popular request. This come with a silicone teat, and sports the proven 94% acceptance rate of its symmetrically shaped teat that stays in the right position. The twin pack comes with a box that can be used as a travel case as well as steriliser box.

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