Appointed wholesaler of MAM products, Baby Brands Direct is delighted to share in the news that MAM have won 2 prestigious awards for their products at the Made for Mums ceremony this month. 

Managing Director of MAM Lisa Parkhill said ‘’we are delighted with these awards; they are a result of vigorous testing under the strictest criteria! They really represent what parents today want for their babies.’’


The first Gold award goes to the MAM Start Soother for babies 0-2 months old.

This soother is designed with the shield especially small and light for new-born babies. It’s always the perfect fit and comfortable in baby’s mouth and helps them to relax. To meet the highest standards, the soothers are developed in close collaboration with designers and orthodontists.  They are good for baby’s skin too thanks to the air holes and MAM’s unique inside surface.

These soothers are super cute with simple, sweet, age-appropriate motifs. It’s no coincidence that the item is a best-seller at Baby Brands Direct! Available to all independent retailers at wholesale price there has been no better time to stock these gorgeous soothers ideal for those early days. 


The MAM Easy Start anti colic bottle already has 15 awards to its name, which was won over the last 8 years, including Gold at the Mother & Baby Awards 2018. Now another Silver award from Made by Mum for this innovative Self sterilising bottle is fantastic news for the MAM team!

The bottle comes in a range of colours, each featuring a lovely MAM motif. It sits well in the hand and is easy to hold, meaning that mum and dad can feed baby quickly and efficiently. The scale is detailed, meaning that measurements can be very precise.

The bottles can self-sterilise in 3 minutes in a microwave, so is a great choice for feeding on the go. Featuring MAM famous skin teat, it feels soft for baby, making it easier for them to switch between bottle and mums breast.


Furthermore, the newest member of the MAM family, the MAM Electric Steriliser & Express Warmer has just bagged its second award this year! Adding Gold to its name, the 6in1 device from MAM won Best Steriliser! This item is expected to be added to the Baby Brands Direct portfolio in June for independent retailers to be able to purchase with no minimum order quantity. 

About Made for Mums Awards:

Just fewer than 500 products are entered into the 85 categories at The Made for Mums awards; they all go through thousands of hours of testing and judging by industry experts, parents and their babies before they can be given the fabulous recognition that comes with the Made for Mums award logo!