MAM – 2nd Biggest Bottle and Soother Brand – Plus £250 Giveaway

A fabulous and growing brand, MAM’s range of products including soothers and bottles is a must listing for every retailer from nursery specialists through to pharmacy stores. Why? Read on for the facts.

Data released today from Nielson, confirms that MAM have a bottle market share of 17.1%, this makes it the second biggest bottle brand (by both volume and value) in the UK. In addition, to this it is showing the largest brand growth in this category at a whopping 43.5%.

Their bottle portfolio is predominately made up of their East Start bottle and Glass bottles. The former won silver at the 2018 Made for Mums awards for Best Baby Bottle and adds to their Gold at the Mother and Baby 2018 and 2016 for Best Product for Bottle Feeding.

These MAM bottles offer a very useful and unique feature in that they can self-sterilise. Yes you read right – in a simple reconfiguration of the bottle, the item can be placed in the microwave on its own and sterilise itself in 3 minutes.

In addition to this, it offers all the right messages on its packaging regarding anti-colic and is supported by proven functionality through test result data of 80% less colic. The anti-colic system is achieved through it vented base that harnesses a unique natural-flow principle to ensure a smooth flow of milk.

Last but certainly not least its bottles come with a slow flow Skin Soft Teat™ (previously called Silk Teat) which boasts that no other silicone feels softer but also comes with a further test study backing of a 94% acceptance rate.

With such great attributes, supported with facts, the brand really does tick the consumer boxes of key features they’re looking for in a simple way. The bottles are available in 3 sizes, for the earliest starter in 130ml, and then in 160ml and 260ml. Each is available in various complications from single packs to triple packs, and gift sets to starter sets each in a choice of motifs in neutral, pinks and blues.

The MAM glass bottles are of course significant too, in that with increasing awareness about the use of recyclable materials and environmentally friendly products there has been an increase in interest in these durable glass bottles. As with the rest of their range their glass bottles offer really modern, appealing motifs in a choice of pink, blue and neutral options each in 170ml and 260ml with the Skin Soft teat.

It’s also worth highlighting their 330ml bottles for slightly older babies (without the anti colic system) that still carries the same high quality of manufacturing and Skin Soft teat and have seen sales rocket following the styling of them with unicorn and dinosaur motifs. A trendy design from a quality, trusted manufacturer is of course a combination for success.

In a similar way, MAM’s soother sales continue to grow and are up 15.3% to safely secure its place as the second biggest market share holder in this category. It now takes sales in value of 29.4% of the market, closing the gap of the brand ahead of it and leaving its nearest rival in third place with 12% less market share than MAM.

As with its bottles, MAM soothers offer a raft of features, from being manufactured in collaboration with designers and orthodontists to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth, having anti slip surface, skin soft teats, lightweight, skin friendly air holes to self-sterilisation boxes. Their motifs are updated annually to keep them fresh and appealing and are available in up to 4 sizes, 0-2m, 0+, 6m+, 12m+. It is no wonder the brand is experiencing such sustained growth.

It is also worth noting that this feeding brand invests around £3million per annum in marketing which includes sampling approximately 260,000 bottles to pregnant Mums to experience and start their journey with the brand, educating potential consumers at 10 annual contact points at The Baby Shows, working with midwifes, through its social media including an average reach of 10million, and campaigns with Mother & Baby, Bounty, Emma’s Diary and more.

Baby Brands Direct has been distributing MAM feeding products for over 9years and is delighted that the brand has continued to invest in innovation, design and promotional support for independent retailers purchasing through us. This month MAM are sponsoring a giveaway of £250 worth of free MAM stock (of your retailer choice!). So we will be giving 5 vouchers away each of £50 to randomly selected retailers entering our online competition. Good luck!!